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The Good Wife - Another Ham Sandwich - recap

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Written by : published Monday 30th January 2012

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The Grand Jury members scrawl hangmen while Wendy Scott Carr and Deputy States Attorney Cary Agos argue for Will's guilt. She introduces the judges and Diane tells Alicia they expect Will to be indicted for judicial bribery. During the Wednesday night basketball game supposedly Will arranged a bribe. Alicia wants to know if it is Peter or Wendy. Diane says to Alicia she does not feel she is obligated or responsible to do anything.

David Lee's niece Caitlin offers to help Eli Gold with chores. Eli takes his problems with David out on her. Diane says they can hand hold clients on the phone. Tasioni says Peter can pull the plug. Cary defers to the State's Attorney and they need to get the State's Attorney. Alicia is shocked at how serious this is. Felony bribery is a serious offense.

Eli wants Alicia at the gay alliance against the defense of marriage act. He says she is a gay icon. The spurned wife image in the press has made her an icon in the blogosphere. In the gay alliance offices Eli sees his nemesis Stacy who asks him out for drinks. Eli finds out David Lee's niece is his dogsbody Caitlin in the firm. He makes her do worthless errands and make copies. 

When Alicia sees Caitlin running errands. Eli pulls rank on Alicia as a partner where she is only a third year associate.

Alicia meet Ms. Tasioni as Will's lawyer. The investigator says that he was surprised that Will's average of a successful verdict suspicious. They all played regularly in a pickup basketball game. Wendy questions Diane and the specific case. Wendy tries to bring in the missing $45,000 out Diane says only Wendy has alleged this was stolen. Diane mentions Florrick was in the games as well. 

Diane says she doesn't play basketball so she never went to the games but that  Peter Florrick couldn't think there was anything wrong or wouldn't participate.  Cary notices Peter's name gets drawn into the testimony a lot. Scott-Carr recalls the case where Will switched himself to the McDermott case. She told associates it was because Will had a better relationship with Judge Parks.

Wendy asks pointed question from associates meetings. Diane wonders how Wendy got the information. Ms. Tasioni notices that Will and Kalinda have something going on. 

He asked her about the McDermott case. Tasioni tells David Lee to smile and be charming. On the stand, Lee quotes a very low fee for one of the judges Will played basketball with. When Wendy points this out, David Lee says as Peter' Florrick's associate he charged even less, and Scott Carr folds. 

David Lee mentions Peter Florrick and mention ethical crossing of interest as if thinking about it for the first time. Agos notices this. ASA Dana Lodge trades winks in the hall with Kalinda. 16 citizens vote to bring William Paul Gardner to trial. Meanwhile Eli tries to get a gay-lesbian crisis management account.

Wendy Scott Carr does not get enough mileage out of her evidence as she thought. Lee tells Will that everything was “You and Judge Parks”. Will looks furious and walks into Judge Park's office. The investigator uses his baby daughter to charm his way into Park's office, where he follows Will. The receptionist coos over the baby while Wylie  follows Will.

At home, Alicia meets  Peter to pull the plug and he won't. Even if it is affecting her job. She then arranges to talk to her children and let them know what is going on. She says that Wendy keeps her hands clean at the expense of her firm. Peter says of course the issue is that she is sleeping with Will.

Judge Parks says this is a witch hunt. Cary Agos asks him if he was ever offered a bribe. Under advice of counsel Cary asks leading questions Parks cannot answer. Wendy Scott Carr points out he can't assert his 5th amendment rights and counteract questions. Cary shows him a picture  of Will in his office. 

Peter says that there is nothing between them. Peter says she is manipulating the truth. Peter asks her what she wants and then he says no. She says was that he did things that were wrong against his family. He says Will Gardner is not his family.

Next day in court, Wendy Scott Carr shows the Grand Jury a picture of Will in the Parks den giving Parks money. Parks looks bad for not answering any questions. All the judges will be so advised so as to not lose their positions. Judges Dunaway, Winter and Parks played basketball with Will.

David Lee walks into Eli's office and brushes files off is desk onto the floor. Eli calls Caitlin to clean it up. Lee says he hopes the campaign for Peter is going well. Because he has been having chats with Alicia as his divorce attorney. Stacy tries to get Eli into bed. Eli doesn't bite. 

Dana offers to Kalinda tear up the rider evidence. This was the McDermott file Kalinda gave Dana. In the parking garage, Dana gets in a  car with Kalinda and says she needs more and that Alicia can be shielded if she helps Dana get Will. Kalinda agrees.

Caitlin gets word to Eli through Alicia that the merger if not about crisis management for the defense of Marriage act. The GLAC board doesn't want to be associated with the merger. But they can't openly shop for crisis management (or Stacy) without word getting out. Alicia makes Eli thank Caitlin.

O the stand, Scott Carr thins she has Will on the rails. Cary looks wary. She produced Wylie's photo of Will talking to Parks after his testimony.

“What was in the envelope?' Wendy asks. “Money" he replies. Scott-Carr is amazed. She blunders into a line of questioning where Will admits giving the judge money and denies writing the smoking gun emails. (This makes other monies given look possibly legitimately). 

Judge Parks takes the fifth under advice of his attorney. He tells Will after Wendy's questioning the whole thing looks bad. But when Wendy questions Will, he answers. 

Will says he gave Parks money for UNICEF, and produces a receipt. (The jurors notice Will does not take the Fifth). The immunization Ugandan drive money is what Will thinks is OK and not suspicious as Wendy alleges. .

Wendy then produces the emails from the McDermott file, which Will claims are false. He produces the real emails, which he wrote to Diane. Wendy is blown away and angered and has no interest in this. Will looks blameless. Cary is admiring of Will's strategy. Dana sees their case falling apart. She goes into the hallway and slaps Kalinda. 

Alicia went to the office of Peter but says it is about Jackie. Later Peter comes to the apartment and Alicia asks him to pull the plug on the Grand Jury. Tasioni has said that only if can hurt him will he stop it. Alicia sees that it is about them, not any guilt of Will's. 

Tasioni wonders what Alicia can know about Will that hurt Will. As th GLAC meeting starts, Alicia is subpoenaed. 

Wendy Scott Carr asks on the stand if she has been involved in a sexual relationship with Will. Cary says the line of questioning is inappropriate. Wendy Scott Carr tells him he can leave if he doesn't like it. Alicia watches Cary.

Wendy asks about whether they are still sleeping together. Alicia looks to Cary to see what he will do. Alicia is asked whether she was on a track to make partner after being sexually involved with Will and about her office being moved to the same floor as Will's. Alicia has had enough. (Scott Carr is using her grand jury privileges t ask whatever she wants. )

“You are out of control” She tells Wendy Scott Carr, and leaves the jury room. Scott Carr threatens her with being held in contempt. Tasioni follows Alicia to the street. If Will is indicted the testimony will become public. Alicia says that she has to talk to her kids. Alicia awaits at home for her kids to get home and nervously tells them she has to talk to them.

Wendy tries to give the jury to the vote. One juror ask who is this tee everyone is talking about. Wendy tries to put the question to bed. The jurors have many questions and they notice that Will answered the questions. They allege that Peter and the judges may be corrupt and they might be arrested. Dana and Cary watch and see as the jury asks intelligent questions instead of being led by Scott Carr's tactics.  

Gold calls Stacy out for drinks. But then Stacy fronts who wants to sleep with him. Gold smiles.

“I desire you too”. 

He says he desires her. She says for them to go do something about it. Gold pays for his drinks and follows her out. Afterward, at her place, after Eli has shown Stacy he got the GLAC account. Stacy  shows Eli his ex-wife's campaign brochure. Eli realizes that Stacy has compromised him to find out his ex-wife really is running for office. 

Alicia is ready to tell her kids about her and Will when she gets a call from Kalinda. Will has not been indicted. There is no bill and Alicia wonders how.

Will tries to dance with Elspeth Tasioni. Diane comes into the office party relieved Will is free. Diana and Will continue their partnership waltz. At home, Alicia says she has not been the best of moms and she wants to change all that and take a job leave and take them on vacation.

Scott Carr is excused from service by Peter Florrick. She says there still says there are still ways to get Gardner. 

"Like calling my wife?". questions Florrick. Cary has obviously talked to him. He does not look pleased. (Now there are sixteen people and a jury room who know his wife slept with her boss. That might be sixteen too many for his image.)

Wendy defends calling Alicia as a strategic move. He says they are done. He says his assistant will validate her parking. But Scott Carr says she will send the infractions to the bar association. If he won't do anything about it, she will.

"Do what ya gotta do. Now get out of my office”. Peter says.

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