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The Vampire Diaries - The Ties that Bind - recap

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Written by : published Sunday 29th January 2012

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Klaus hangs around Stefan, who tells him to leave town and call back after a few years for the coffins. Bonnie finds her birth mother, Abby, but Klaus' hybrid gets there before him. Bonnie and Elena leave printouts of Bonnie' mother type all over the kitchen table, which Stefan checks out and calls her about. Elena makes up a story about a night at the cabin.

Stefan follows Elena, who has road tripped with Bonnie. But Klaus prods his hybrids into acting out of town. Their pact does not cover this. Elena wears her shortest miniskirt in preparation.

Caroline finds Tyler has enlisted her father's help. They set up a dungeon so Tyler can own being a hybrid. The father tells Caroline to leave. When she does, He bothers Tyler with an ax until Tyler forces his hybrid self to turn. Then the chains aren't strong enough. Tyler tells Bill to run.

Damon sees Dr. Fell leave the bar after date with Ric. They analyze for being a psycho. Damon learns she was in a relationship with the medical examiner. Then Damon shows up at the hospital to bug the doctor friend of Ric's. He says she signed the death certificate for him. 

But she wants to know how Ric walked in fatal and walked out hours later, healed. Alaric Saltzmann, man with nine lives. Damon smirks and walks off (he gave Ric an infusion) But the doctor fells Damon with vervane to the neck and takes a vial of blood and leaves him on the floor.

Bonnie's mother has no more magic, She got Michael down but then was weakened and then wanted to be a normal woman not a witch. But Abby learns that Bonnie's grandmother died in a spell with her. Abby begs Bonnie to tell her of the dream and begs her to let her help.

Jamie comes with a gun for Stefan and he sees that Jamie is compelled. When Bonnie and Abby hear the rifle Bonnie gets up. Abby puts powder in her hand and holds it over Bonnie's mouth. Stefan is shot by Jamie in the chest. Elena is tied to stake (not mussing up her skirt or her hair). Then Bonnie is loaded into the car by Jamie and Abby.

Abby drives Bonnie to the hybrid who takes orders from Klaus. Abby demands that Bonnie tell her where the coffins are. Or the compulsion will force Jamie to shoot himself. The powders she put over Bonnie silenced her magic powers. Bonnie tells Abby that she can't reveal the coffins. This is bigger than they are.

At the garage, Elena asks about the man who came to the house today. Jamie has shot Stefan who can feel the bullets rubbing against his heart. Elena asks Jamie why she is not hurt and he says he is not to hurt her. Elena tricks him, saying the ropes hurt, and gets loose. 

Damon goes running to where the coffins are and find rooms after room of the ancient wooden house lit by picturesque candles. Klaus insults the dead witches and they pay on a curse of pain while Damon narrates he made the same mistake. 

Klaus drawls about how his hybrid friends are prepared to end the Bennett line. The witches go silent. Klaus smirks at Damon. Klaus says that he will tear Damon limb from limb to get the coffins. Damon says he risks that Klaus wants his family back more than that.

Ric shows up at the hospital to ask Dr. Fell what she is up to. She is angry that Damon got up and left with too much vervane in him. Ric says Damon drinks vervane every day to get the drop on people like her. He asks what she is and she says to stick around and see.

They see a body brought in. Animals woods, the man found in the woods. It is Bill, Caroline's father. She tells Ric she loses people to death and hates that. So she cheats. She uses the vial of Damon's blood to inject and heal Bill. Ric is impressed.

Stefan winces as Elena pulls the bullets out of his chest with her bare hands. Elena has changed, Stefan notices. She is stronger, tougher. She admits to kissing Damon. Stefan walks away.

Damon is then ordered to show him the coffin. But Klaus can't kill him because there are only three there, and Klaus stops smiling. Damon says he knows how much Klaus cares about family.

Abby says she can't help her. She has no magic and she doesn't trust her. She says her magic drifted away. Her faith in Wicca had gone. Maybe Bonnie can get her magic back. If it what Bonnie wants she would do that for her.

Tyler stops by Bill's room at the hospital. He says he is better a little more himself. But he shouldn't be.

To break the sire bond turning needs to be painless. "We're still a long way off." Tyler says it is too painful. Bill says that until he can't control himself he isn't going to let him anywhere near his daughter.

Elena watches Stefan to see what the effect of her confession is. Stefan says she is better than him, she is better than "both of us". He says he pushed her too far that day at the bridge. Stefan drives away.

Ric doesn't want them to have any secrets. She goes to kiss him and he tenses. Ric shares the secret of his ring with her. Dr. Fell is intrigued to learn of a vampire hunter who cannot be killed by vampires. Elena walks in on them trying to kiss and plays with her hair. The doctor leaves.

Stefan gets home to talk with Damon. He says that since Damon is still alive he assumes that Klaus didn't get his family back. Damon says he only had time to move one coffin. He moved the one they couldn't open. Stefan agrees that was a good choice. 

But then Stefan strikes Damon a face blocker and Damon says he assumes he and Elena had a heart to heart and that he doesn't want to talk about it.

But then Damon asks about a strange metal knife and Stefan says "What have you done?"

At the mansion, Klaus arrives to see the hybrid working with Abby, who wheels the four coffins together. He gets questioned by his hybrid, who is killed in front of Klaus. Then he sees a figure behind him, who says "What'd I miss?". 

"Elijah!" A stunned Klaus says.

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