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Gossip Girl - Father and the Bride - recap

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Written by : published Sunday 29th January 2012

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Nate is conflicted about working with Gossip Girl to find out who murdered Blair's child in the car crash meant for him. Chuck says without Gossip Girl he doesn't know what Blair is doing. She was ready to spend her life with him, now she doesn't. He has to know why. 

Chuck says sometimes unsavory partners can solve the problem. Nate says for Chuck at 3 a.m. on the East side that might work but he can't find anything except a picture of Charlie's boyfriend pocketing cash outside the party. Chuck tells Nate to play ball if he wants answers. Chuck says he has Blair's doorman on retainer.

Gossip Girl gets ready to get what she wants from Nate. The blog launch for S by Serena is on and images of Serena are on the cabs she posed for. Lily and Rufus arrive on the street to watch as Serena poses for the press but the laptop page is blank. Nothing has been uploaded. Serena is not sure what is going on.

At the Spectator, Nate looks at the email from the Gossip Girl, demanding he delay "S' by Serena column. He is too worried about finding who tried to kill him to defend Serena's launch. 

Blair makes peace with Princess Beatrice and tells her to go Vera Wang's to get the bridesmaid dress. Beatrice is thrilled to be asked. But then she discusses the plan with Father Cavallia to get her drunk. Beatrice must slob up the party from Kir Royales at the Tiffany Suite to sloppy shots.

Blair goes to church. She confesses to Father Smythe and says her dreams may not be about the man she is going to marry. he says, go on. But she fears the devil on her shoulder. She says Chuck Bass is the devil and that she is growing weak. Blair wants to honor her pact with God.

But Blair hates that horrid father Cavallia. This is the Monaco royal priest. Blair says he is the biggest snake in Christendom and she wants Father Smythe as her royal religious advisor in Monaco. When Blair leaves, the Father comes out, it is a very young priest, Cavallia. 

He meets in the pews another woman, Princesses Beatrice, who he has slept with. She is to get Blair drunk and deliver her to Chuck's to break the "resolve' of this bride to be. Cavallia says she just confessed she doesn't love Louis and she will lose him because Blair will replace him in the royal court. 

Nate tells Serena his marketing strategy is why the page was deleted. Serena wrote about how her relationships got hurt when Gossip Girl was working. Dan said that the publicity for his book meetings from her column is good. Serena really wants to be with Dan but he doesn't see it.

Dan complains about the cost of coffee in Madison Avenue for his fake outing with Serena. But Simon & Schuster has a meeting with Dan but his agent says that because he is so connected to her in the press there could be problems. Dan calls Serena to cal a halt to mention of the together in her work. Later Serena publishes something they know about but he doesn't.

Dan thinks her column has been put on hold indefinitely. Nate did this. Serena is stunned but backs down gracefully. Nate says it is not the right moment because the cab ad revenue was not up to snuff. 

In line at a local gourmet candy shop, Blair and her future sister in law Princess Beatrice discuss the upcoming bachelorette party. Beatrice tried to slob up the doings but Blair passes. She says her life is what it is she might as well get used to it now.

Blair is confronted by Chuck lurking behind portals. She challenges him on lurking in doorways won't stop the wedding. Chuck smugly quotes her calendar and then she says to Beatrice they can deviate because Chuck otherwise knows where she is.

Serena goes into Nate's office to wait for a meeting and sees the emails from Gossip Girl. The log line says "In exchange for killing Serena's column". This from Nate, who has prated about honesty, journalistic integrity, and not backing out of friends from the beginning. Serena publishes from Nate's computer her blog.

Chuck gets the email image from Nate ad they talk about Charlie's ex Max holding a wad of money outside her party. Chuck says Gossip Girl must know more than she's telling and he will pull security footage from the party and see what else they missed. 

The agent and Dan sit in to a new pitch meeting for his second novel. Dan says he is drawn to a modern Elizabethan Western with Fastaffian modes, as a Western and other comments. His press interview goes well. Dan talks about a risky future novel 10 years in the future but gets cut off. The press flacks want to hear about Serena and more "inside life'.
Dan says that he doesn't want to get typecast into society novels but then Dan finds out that Serena's article came out and has over a thousand comments.

At the spectator Nate fires Serena, who says she saw the email from Gossip Girl. Nate's secretary sends the video of Nate firing Serena to Gossip Girl.

Chuck opens the door to Father Cavallia of the Grimaldi royal house. Chuck says "Oh yes, the Grimaldi's spiritual flack." Father says he got a call from Beatrice. She is concerned about the marriage to Blair Waldorf. Chuck is confused to find Father Cavallia so morally flexible about stopping the marriage but is amenable to joining up.

Cavalia gives Chuck the new address of the bar party. Chuck says to Father Cavallia what happened to "Thou shalt not steal?" Father says that this is what is known as Divine Intervention. Cavallia says "Who says I am working alone? At least I've got the higher power working at my side."

 Chuck is intrigued and says ‘let's go". 

Beatrice wants phallic party favors and an obnoxious cake, everything she has seen on TV. Beatrice says she got party games she saw on VH-1. Beatrice promises Blair a night she will never forget. Blair just doesn't want to see Chuck. They go to a dive bar. 

The Bridge and Tunnel types charm Blair who is sick of her high and mighty days. Blair parties and poses with the dance crowd. They play guessing games with shots. Blair says her secrets are safe, ones not even Serena knows. Blair discovers Serena did not get notice of a change in the plans.

Blair calls Serena at the party and says she is Panchito's.
But Serena takes a meeting with Tripp alone at her high rise. Serena says Nate thinks Tripp tried to kill him. She says they need to kill the story before it begins. He says that Maureen called a car for the Empire. She must have killed the brakes hoping to kill Nate. 

Beatrice plays party games, but a drunken Blair doesn't notice that they happen to know the answers. Beatrice gets the answers to the game to her coterie via text message, so she has to keep drinking frozen Margaritas. Serena is not there to see. Blair says "This game is kickin' my ass!" They drink, laugh, and get drunk, partying and dancing with the gays and club kids.

Dan is grumpy because his pitch meeting goes awry with focus on Serena. Rufus says they are the new hot couple. Dan says they are faking it but Rufus say that he is a fan of Serena's. Dan is upset the publisher want a follow up to "Inside" instead of his really creative ideas. 

The publisher closes the interview by saying "Write what you know" and the article by Serena shows he really does know of the Upper East Side. He says keep on dating Serena, at least until the next book comes out, it's great press. 

Blair says to Beatrice because she is not sober, she is having the best time. Blair confesses her doubts about Beatrice. they share runaway dads and overbearing moms and impossible expectations. Beatrice asks why is Blair marrying Louis if she is not in love with him.

Blair says she does love Louis. She must also choose how she loves and past loves are not always right. But Blair understands how that you can love someone by not being with him. This resonates with Beatrice, who loves the royal priest.

Chuck and the friar get out to Panchitos. Father Cavalia says for Chuck to wait in the car and he says to the priest "I hope you know what you're doing". He says he'll get Blair why doesn't he wait in the car.

A woman says to Father Cavalia, "Wow a priest in a bar, how kinky," and he says "You have no idea". Blair comes out to get some air and the same woman puts a joint in her mouth and goes to look for a light. Blair says drunkenly "Don't mind if I do".

Blair sees two officers walk up who are interested in the joint in her mouth. Blair thinks they are strippers and comes on looking to take his "gun" away. Dan interrupts but Blair is getting handcuffed while offering joint to the officer she mistakes for strippers.

She says "I'm the next Princess of Monaco don;t you know who I am? Heads turn.

Chuck comes along and the cop tells him to stand back. Blair tosses her tiara to the crowd, telling them "I love you, New York" and they take her away. Chuck runs up out of the limo. Dan sees him, saying "Of course you'd be behind this".

Officer "Weiner" arrests Blair and passersby see the incident and snap their cellphones wildly. Dan goes to bail her out. And Beatrice buys all the cellphones to keep Blair's story quiet. Beatrice enjoys a genuine heart to heart with Blair.

At Serena's, Tripp has been overhead discussing the brakes with her. He pours suspicions on his wife Maureen. But Vanderbilt says she has an airtight alibi, and that he was with his wife going over things with a divorce attorney. Since Tripp left Serena hurt in a car to die, she says she would never trust him again.

Tripp confesses everything about meeting Charlie's boyfriend. He paid the money to Max and then the car was fixed brakes. He says he never thought it would get that bad. Nate is furious that he was risking his life, let alone what happened to Blair.

Tripp wants to confess to the police. But he says that night he saw the arrow of the family approval shift away from him and he went ballistic. Tripp appeals to Nate that they both know there is only so much of grandfather's love to go around. Max took the money but didn't alter the brakes. So Tripp did it himself.

Vanderbilt is furious. He says he raised him better. But Tripp says he raised him to kneel before him, not stand on his own two feet. Serena gets a text, she says that Blair has been arrested and then Nate says he has it covered.

Beatrice gets a call from the priest, who wants her to get Blair to Chuck's hotel. But Beatrice says she is done playing games with people's lives. She says he is never going to leave the church for her but she is only one brave enough to say it. She hangs up on Father Cavalia. 

Vanderbilt gets Tripp to the car, and comes back up to Nate and says he his happy that Nate never blamed him and knew that Tripp was guilty. Nate acknowledges that he has pitted them both against each other and Vanderbilt says Nate would never have succeeded at the Spectator if he hadn't paid Diana to give him the job. 

Nate say he has investor meetings lined up (to buy out Vanderbilt's part of the Spectator). Vanderbilt asks if Nate thinks he can make it on his own and Nate says he doesn't know, but he'll try. 

Serena gets to the police station to take home a drunk Blair. Dan fakes breaking up with her because of his book. Serena and Dan are surprised to see Blair getting along with Beatrice. 

Serena calls Dan later and says Blair is asleep and Dan complements her blog writing. He even says he got a lump in his throat. Serena is thrilled more than he knows. She wants to add something more but Chuck shows up. Dan listens but she hangs up on Dan.  

Chuck tells Serena he doesn't know what Blair thinks he did. Chuck looks stern but Serena tells him to leave and Chuck says he learned from Blair not give up on the people he loves. He is not done. Next morning Serena greets Blair in bed.

"Rise and shine jailbird, I made you French Press". She sees sheets of handwriting on the bed.

Blair says she found Louis' wedding vows in her drawer and they are like he read her soul. She has no more doubts. Serena is jealous and they laugh.

Blair wondered if Louis understands her. But reading the vows is what makes her sure she is going into her wedding making the right choice. Blair tells Serena she can stop play acting with Dan because Louis and Blair are in such a good place.

Meanwhile, Ironically, Dan is at his loft, and gets an antique Albert Camus first edition of the Stranger, where Louis puts a card in on Grimaldi crown stationery, saying "Thank you for writing Blair's vows, (it will be our little secret)."

Dan does not look happy at this reminder of betrayal.
Princess Beatrice walks along the New York street with Father Cavalia. She says that she could tell her mother and have him defrocked for sleeping with her and he says she will not be believed. 

The priest says he called her mother as her dear beloved priest and suggested she benefit from missionary work in East Africa, and she says he might be able to get rid of her but he can't stop the wedding. He says he found someone much better equipped. He smirks as she walks off angrily. 

Dan gets a call from Serena, and says while Blair is not ready to tell for her church conversion until the wedding they still have to fake date and she changes his coffee suggestion to dinner and a movie. Dan says OK.

Father Cavalia walks into the church and sees Chuck waiting for him. Bass doesn't have time for small talk. But Father Cavalia says between them they can make sure this wedding doesn't happen. Chuck says Blair already believes he is the villain, why shouldn't he become one. They shake hands on it.

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