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Kitchen Nightmares - Revisited #2 - recap

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Written by : published Sunday 29th January 2012

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Gordon revisits former battleground restaurants to see how they are doing. The screaming brothers whose ideas about New Jersey Spanish cooking were diverse, the crazy doctor who thinks she knew it all, the brother and sister at war, and the lazy Eagle Rock twins get a follow up.

Spanish Pavilion in Harrison, New Jersey. Opened in 1976 the Spanish grandsons ruined the business arguing. Michael the chef was a tidal wave of rage. Jerry the elected official was interested in politics and Balbina the mother was playing referee.

The dead lobster in the tank was remembered. A half million dollars worth of debt was old fashioned and depressing with tuxedos for lunch and outdated food. Now the grandfather has passed away. Bacon wrapped dates and a new menu says “Spain” and new waiter uniforms. 

On the return, Gordon finds that Micheal has been “retired” to a fast food management program and his mother is vacationing in Florida. Gordon playfully lifts out a lobster out of the tank and sees if it is alive. He scours the freezers to find bags and waste and sees nothing. Just expediting. Smells fine. ‘It’s organized and it’s clean”. Jerry is proud to get a clean mark.

“Its immaculate down there”. Jerry feels comfortable and conveys news to Gordon about the family. Jerry clearly has a handle on the restaurant and feels like he has a good fix on the family legacy.

Kingston Cafe in Pasadena California -Dr. Una Morris has fired everyone and sent her son Keoni back to college instead of work with him. This was the restaurant owner who told Gordon that jerk chicken was supposed to be dry and Ramsay said she was ” Jamaican me crazy” and had everything in bags. 

Her pride obviously having got the best of her, everyone who saw her face the music with Ramsay has been dismissed and her son not given the place of manager he was so capable of. She flirts with Ramsay and claims a 20% raise in business.

Capri  in Pasadena, California. The twins in Eagle Rock are a success story, now they have tables on the sidewalk. Capri restaurant went from chewed up gum balls under the tables and filthy kitchen and place to a success story of fresh meatballs and full tables and restaurant. The new menu is a hit and the twins even clean now! They claim a 20% rise in business and less lazy twins and more ownership of running the managing roles.  

While Gordon plays a happy visit. The twins are emotional and pleased and Gordon enjoys the newly thin pizza and tasty sliders. Jeff and Jim have stopped being big babies. Flashbacks show them serving defrosted chicken on steam tables and shows Ramsay offering the twins a blanket and a bottle. Ramsay took them boxing. Ramsay said to embrace change. He showed them how to make home made meatballs.

They discuss the changed attitude and the public feedback. The flashback shows Gordon pulling dust out of the lap shades before. While Gordon is there a public representative from the Eagle Rock Chamber of Commerce arrives and conveys to the twins a plaque for community improvement. The twins are emotional and genuinely touched at the gesture. The crowd roars approval.

La Frites-Alex and Celine. The brother and sister disaster who raised the roof fighting with the father in the middle are visited. Alex acknowledges he needed to learn some lessons. The father says that Ramsay was a good influence on the “kids”.

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