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NCIS: Los Angeles - Exit Strategy - recap

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Written by : published Sunday 29th January 2012

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In a parking garage, two men try to get Jada into a car safely. But another car tries to push them over the ledge. Khaled reaches out and forces an attempt on Jada the sister they got out of the Sudan. Sam is emotionally stung by the guilty jolt. Hetty says possibly that Sam could sit this one out. Sam says no. Callen tells Sam they have to put Khaled in the ground with all the mass graves. Callen postulates another person might be responsible to escape the taint of association with Khaled.

Nell says Elmsley has not seen heard from. his hotel name is the one Sam stayed in when he knew Khaled in the Sudan. Deaks and Kenzi investigate whether or not the freedom fighter is also missing who Sam worked with in Khartoum. First they catch credit card scammers using Sudanese IP addresses.

 But Sam pretends to try to water-board the credit cards’ scammer. Callen and Sam sweat the man in the boathouse. The last time he talked to Khaled was three weeks ago. He says he did not order a hit on his sister. They trace the car in the Jada hit to a camera where Alex Elmsley points to them. Callen and his team get to the address where he pointed.

Elmsley says they took his family. He had to make it look like a real assassination attempt. He says they have his family. It’s payback for him and Sam and they knew he’d have access to them. He says he has twelve hours to find his family. He escapes them through a construction chute and drives away. He does not know who "they" are, he assumes they are with Khaled.

They identify former DSSG French spooks meeting with Adrian Montalban of Montalban international. They have ranches including Los Angeles. The data servers are in a private cloud. Callen wonders if the Khaled is the source. They want to intercept Montalban communicating with Khaled who has been in hiding. 

Hetty is packing a piece when Callen asks for a expedited covert entry search warrant for the server bug. Hetty says that while they are all concerned Sam carries the burden of emotional blame. He would do anything to save Jada and Elmsley’s family. 

Deaks and Kenzi pulls the Swedish hand-off and play a CEO Mr. Stone and secretary Darcy. She plays crumbling secretary and sneaks into the server room and plants snooping phone. Nell coaches Kenzi where to put the phone connect.

Erik organizes an online intercept which starts a video conference with Khaled. But Sam is called a liar by Khaled. Sam calls him a killer. He even tried to kill his own sister. 

"When Jada dies it will be at my hand. As will you". Khaled says all the countries now does not want to be a friend. 

Khaled taunts Sam that with all their technology he is still free. He says to Sam he will strike and he will bring shame to all of their families as well. 

Montalban has tossed Khalid to the wolves. Khalid says they kidnapped her. Sam says that they rescued her. Khalid says that he is sure she feels differently.

Nell says the Montalan files are encrypted and Callen as for her to look through the ones concerning the Sudan and during the time Khaled was in office.

Callen thinks that Montalban is a middleman for the French government. But the foothold in the Sudan turned molten. Callen theorizes that Jada wants to give her deposition and the minders will move her again. The French government will have serious explaining to do if Jada testifies.

They plan a trap. The French brokering weapons to Khaled means Montalban was the one that wanted Jada killed to silence her testimony. Sam goes into the boathouse room where Jada is, breaking off the coms. 

She says he does not get to talk to her. Sam says she was lonely, and after everything they have been through, he had no choice. Deaks says that the 800 lb elephant in the room is if anything happened between Sam and Jada. Then Jada says she is trying to understand. "I wish I could."

They get the IP addresses for Khaled from the credit card scammers computer man and plan a trap for Khaled. Then Callen shows Jada the pictures of the Montalban personnel and she identifies two of them. They are French operatives. They tell Elmsley to use the information.

He calls them from a burn phone. Callen says to suggest he has Jada and wants his family in exchange. Callen thinks that Adrian Montalban was filtering weapons to Khalid through a source. This will prove embarrassing now that Khaled has war crimes reputation now hanging over his head.

Montalban escapes the ambush but is later trying to board private plane for Morocco. Jada and Sam are OK. Hetty tells Callen that "Sooner or later our sins catch up with us".

Khaled now wants Jada, and he is coming from Spain.

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