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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Willows in the Wind - recap

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Written by : published Friday 27th January 2012

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Nick learns of Laura Gabriel's murder. Catherine and DB are missing when Nick gets a bead on the evidence. Sarah tells Nick that Gabriel's wife got killed. They get a disturbance call from close to Catherine's house. Nick and Sarah arrive there. They say that they bought themselves some time giving the wrong address.

Sarah and Nick find bullets spent casing. 5.7 They go into her house and smell ethanol and find evidence the crime scene has been doctored. Catherine's backup gun is gone. Doorknobs have been wiped clean. Nick is not happy. Stokes gets a call and say patrol spotted DB's SUV "all shot to Hell". Brass and Greg meet them there. This has Gabriel's hit squad written all over it.

There is blood on the back seat a lot of it. Henry is asked to check it. Sarah discusses Catherine's resignation letter. Brass says all communication is verbal. The Doc calls Nick to ask where DB is, he is not at the crime scene. Brass piece together the details. Nick says the Gabriel black ops boys have toys to break into their comms. They ditched their cellphones.

Nick finds DB's cellphone ringing. Brass says he'll take that call. It is their crime scene. Sarah finds the resignation letter on DB's phone. Nick is surprised. 

At the motel, the coroner finishes his inspection. D.B. texts the Doc. He calls the Doc to the Room 12. Doc find a black woman in a fright wig ( a hooker) but DB Russell is inside. 

"Is that Catherine?" the Doc is amazed and sees her blood and her wound. She has lost a lot of blood. The hooker says he is the last Doc in Vegas to make house calls. 

The FBI Agent Pratt is furious they waited an hour to call him. CSI Willows and Russell are gone. Brass questions that his involvement is a misstep. Mark Gabriel is demanding to see his wife's body. Pratt is kicked out of the room by Gabriel. Brass says they have his back, they'll scrape him off the floor when Gabriel runs him over. Gabriel runs in shouting orders claiming to be upset his wife is dead. Brass wryly says they will take this one.

Greg and Morgan run the crime scene outside the Catherine's house. Morgan thinks Catherine wasn't hit until she was outside. Catherine got one of them. The cleaning crew missed the rug pad. Greg finds a new blood trail posted after the SUV ran off with Catherine in it. They find supercharged beetles eating away at a skeleton. They figure Catherine shot one of the men in the shooting crew and he was disposed of.

Catherine sees DB asks Miss Kitty for a curling iron. The Doc has to cauterize the wound. Catherine rolls her eyes and asks for a bullet to bite on.

Miss Kitty is a past associate of Catherine's. DB asks the Doc for some cash. He gives it to Miss Kitty, and Catherine gives her her watch and jewelry. Catherine says she saved their lives. 

After Miss Kitty leaves the phone leaves and Catherine and D watch the phone ring, wondering who it could be. Obrecht is spotted waiting by the crowd watching the forensic examiner.

D.B Russell say that she gets a "Get out of jail free card" and he adds "don't abuse it". DB tells the Doc to instruct Brass to bring them in. But when they arrive the trail is cold. The under-sherriff says "What the hell happened? " The screen is off the bathroom window.

Catherine and DB Russell are riding in a pimp-mobile with Miss Kitty and her man. They got away. DB says the pimp gets a card too. He has a black leather jacket he gives Catherine to cover the blood. DB jokes "I'll get you one with revolving credit."

Miss Kitty says she should have one. She spotted the guy in the trenchcoat. Miss Kitty spotted the operative because the only men in area wearing a raincoat wear their birthday suit underneath. (At the lab the forensics expert says the man in the crime scene

DB is amused that he can get a gun and phone and they stop at an industrial alley. Catherine walks away with a new gun and DB gets a burn phone. The pimp says from the way Catherine handles the gun he will get it back. They buzz the intercom on the gated alley steel wall.

Catherine goes to a place called Teddy's and she wants Teddy Jr's and says Goldilocks is there. It is a strip club and the owner is the son of an associate of her father's. She shows she is shot (she is wearing the pimp's leather jacket). He gives them some room and DB wonder show Catherine is so well known at such a place.

Catherine has a pole dancer past. Jimmy Tedero (Teddy) was originally a detective. He saw her as more than just a pretty face. He ran cases with her and asked her opinion. Working a pole is like working guys. 

DB calls his wife and then has to explain to his wife why he is in s trip cub and not answering his phone. At the lab, Nick says that the best team in the world. But the are going wrong. They found the bodies with 5.7 bullets. The Mark Gabriel team. The world's greatest hit team left so much evidence the arrow points to his enemy.

Why the inconsistencies. Possibly Mark Gabriel is being set up. But Pratt says that the covert efficient team has been doing B- work, Nick outlines how the Laura Gabriel cousin scenes didn't clean up. Even with the element of their own they sanitize some scenes and clean up others. 

D points out that the resignation letter set up Catherine for one last caper, (Gabriel's murder). 
DB tells Teddy Jr to call the coroner and ask for two body bags to be sent over, one extra long. The resignation was a good fake they have been getting inside her head. They took her backup gun to frame her for the Gabriel "murder" and disappear her with beetles.

They wheel the corpses into the morgue and the team is relieved to see DB and Catherine get out. Doc says he needs to redress that wound. Catherine says she needs to redress.

Sarah asks Catherine about the feeling revealed in her letter. Is she lonely? Since Lindsay's left home. She and Sarah talk. Sarah says Aachem's razor and the one that s right in front of you. 

Catherine gets a moment. Suddenly Laura is waiting in reception after all these years waiting to let her see how messed up she is. Catherine sends her to a lawyer who ends up dead. They torched the infiltrator and the muscle man. Pratt says they were identified using th FBI database. McQuaid was dirty and behind the whole thing. Pratt cant believe it.

The exemplars used to identify the bodies came from the Gabriel's condo. DB says this was plenty of opportunity to plant someone else's comb or toothbrush. Laura's clothes were bagged at her house after the hospital. They run the tests again. Pratt say he always had this weakness for beautiful women.

The DNA exemplar McQuaid planted belong to a former Saracys employee. They discuss how McQuaid is dirty and he and Laura are behind the whole thing. DB says sex money, who knew what drove the both. They talk Pratt into a small bit of slight of hand.

Catherine and Pratt meets with Gabriel and says his wife played him. Gabriel says he understands he is no longer a person of interest. Catherine gets out of the car. "She set your own dogs on you." They knows how to betray you. Someone on your payroll knows where Laura and McQuaid are." Catherine says she hopes Gabriel isn't as smart as he thinks he is.

He refuses to cooperate but says the meeting was helpful. Later Obrecht sneaks into the cabin and tries to shoot someone taking a shower. Catherine and the LVPD close in and he is trapped. He says when you mix business and pleasure it all gets screwed up. Gabriel got double the money to take the contract off Gabriel and put it back on his wife.

Obrecht is handcuffed and Pratt asks to know where McQuaid is. Obrecht says they have McQuaid. He was the body in the culvert. Catherine is shocked he shot at her but DB points out his friendly fire warned her off (that's why he was killed by his own men) and left with the super beetles and left to die.

The kind of agent that the Bureau needs. Catherine ask if that is job offer. He thinks she should consider that. Pratt says she is the kind of person McQuaid really wanted to be. 

Catherine confronts Laura in custody. Laura says Mark gave her a lifestyle. It didn't work after a while. McQuaid she met during the gun running case. She saw an opportunity to set her up. She takes what she wants. But Laura says Catherine is afraid to reach for what she wants. Catherine says that when she chose her she had to know it would end like this. Catherine walks out the door.

They picked up Gabriel on conspiracy to murder his own wife. Trenchcoat man sold him out. Catherine has called a family meeting. She talks about the past few months. There were a few changes made that initially hurt her but ended up being a great thing. 

"Nick, it's been a long 19 years here in this lab, in this town, the truth is, it has gone by too fast. "Catherine has taken the FBI job. 

Nick says "Even though she is leaving she will always be there with us". They group hug and over one last lunch, Catherine underlines how not to let the job define the whole life.

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