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White Collar - Upper West Side Story - recap

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Written by : published Thursday 26th January 2012

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Neal tries to get on Peter's good side with coffee and Yankee/Red Sox game tickets but he wants more. Hoping to get free of his bracelet he nevertheless has to deal with Peter obsessing about Mozzie and the U-boat. Keller is behind bars but Peter has second thoughts. Peter suggests they focus on the work

They see a student in the lobby. "Did Hogwartz schedule a field trip?" They are told he arrived at seven and he is not leaving until he sees a case agent. "Ten points for Griffindor".

He did his homework and he goes to Manhattan Prep School. He has visual aids. He says his scholarship got cut the endowment funds have been consistent while the scholarships have been dropping. Peter knows the name of Andy Woods and acknowledges that Evan may be onto something. 

Andy Woods has been long suspected of laundering money for the Juarez drug cartel. He is an American financier. The DEA believes he launders the cash through investment portfolio. They have never been able to catch him. Peter plans to pretend to have son to attend Manhattan Prep and find out more. 

Neal poses as his assistant. The beautiful and elite school charms Neal who considers his future is his sentence gets commuted. Peter says even the kindergärtners wear ties. Peter meets headmaster Slater. They have a falconry club. Peter wear with headmaster Stone.

Neal sits on a bench and is confused for a poetry substitute. Neal pulls a "Dead Poets Society" rant on his Romantic Poetry class which has Evan, the student who brought them the folio on Andy Wood. Neal knows his poetry and the girls fall in a heap. Wood's daughter is in the class and gets an eyeful of Neal and looks happy. All the girls do. 

Peter makes tracks with Woods while Neal focuses on the work. Woods has a personal security man, Adams. Wood loves that the school pushes the kids in chess class. Woods is pushy and elitist but came from the streets. Peter says he knows it is going to cost him but he doesn't care and Woods gets the hint money is in the air. 

Peter wants to know how the financial side is healthy. Woods says he invests a percentage of the endowment fund. Peter asks questions and says they have done better than most. Peter asks for the numbers and wants to see them, and Andy says he will think about it. Peter is brought into "shop" class with Andy. Peter asks where the money goes. 

When Peter asks about his hotel suite Andy Woods already news he has no bags in the room. he put a bottle of champagne in the suite. He has doubts about Peter, if he lies, maybe his son lies and that's not the kind of student they want. Woods wants an explanation. Peter makes up a story about a mistress. This is how Andy Woods lost a lot of money in the divorce settlement. Peter asks to see those endowment documents.

The real Cooper shows up a greasy mess, and Neal tells him he is the teacher who didn't go on vacation. He sends him home. Peter is meanwhile intimidated by a furrow-browed Woods. After Peter gets free of Woods he spots Neal giving a Western Poetry class is furious. Peter comes into the class saying he will observe. 

Peter reminds Neal about being locked in a Garrett somewhere if he offends his patron.

Peter says poets need a patron. Neal makes Peter raise his hand in class. The patrons respected the poets process. Peter says poets had to answer to someone. What f his poetry was perceived as "insubordinate"? (At home, Peter has discussed with his wife how Neal gets away with lying and it bothers him.) 

Staying from the course was considered artistic license. Peter says he has Great Expectations when Neal says he has to prepare for the Dickens module. Keller's admission may not close the case. Neal wants to become an asset to the department. 

Mozzie realize the suit can't be bought. The D o J case could boomerang. Mozzie is amazed at the length Neal is willing to go to cancel his bad act. Mozzie wonders if someone is stealing lunch money. Mozzie finishes the burgundy and agrees to be the good friar who brings the star crossed lovers together.(sans vial of poison).

Peter says that Graham Slater the school headmaster must know Woods is embezzling. he must be complicit because the Board must not see that the investments are underreported. Peter says from now on he makes the lesson plan. 

Peter confides that he as to go on record about what happened with Keller. Elizabeth says that she is OK to talk about Keller. She says he had the treasure and that says a lot about Neal's character. Peter has to go on record about what happened with Keller. Elizabeth says she is OK to talk about Keller. Only they know than Neal knew about the art theft. 

He has to be on best book behavior. He drops Neal ten blocks from school and says "you're ashamed to be seen with me". But when Neal hits school Slater is leaving. Slater puts the envelope in the back of the calculus book. 

But the kids are everywhere and they have to get to the envelope. Peter ashamedly throws the fire alarm as Neal laughs gleefully about someone breaking the rules. 

Peter throws the fire alarm, amazing and amusing Neal. This is breaking the rules. They realize this is Chloe Woods' locker. It is a quarterly report of the schools finances dated the next week.

Slater is sending it to Woods via his daughter's locker. To see how much money he can siphon from the endowment. They want to see his private accounting and money records.

Neal agrees to tutor Chloe at home. Neal invites Evan. The girls giggle. 

Evan is furious Neal is making time with his girl, on top of being a FBI person in disguise. Peter says for him to get into his office an get into his accounts. Peter wants to know why he invited Evan. he notices Evan will keep the heat off Neal. Peter confesses to being in love with his high school math teacher, thus explaining his lifelong fascination with smart, leggy brunettes. 

Woods organizes a night together with Peter's girlfriend Danielle. Diana Jones jumps onto the phone call. Woods should deactivate the alarm if they pretend to walk through the wrong door.

Neal gets ready for the tutoring session. Neal is given a stick to copy Wood's hard drive. Neal catches Mozzie admiring government tech and Mozzie says no it's terribly unwieldy. He is pitying it. Mozzie answers the door and says "Code red" Evan is there.

Mozzie introduces himself as his associate Mr. Magwich. he says since Neal is a romantic hero and he is a Machiavellian puppet master, "We will be giving you "game".

"To get the girl." "You told him about Chloe."" Evan winces. Mozzie asks why are you wearing a cardigan and a sweater? He calls him Holden Caulfield.

Woods welcomes them to his home, stunned to see what her daughter's poetry teacher looks like. Neal says he didn't expect someone so... "Bookish?" Neal asks.

He says symmetrical. He looks at Evan and says "I don't know what to make of you".

Peter and Danielle dine with Woods and his bimbo. Wood says her name is Linda and they stage a fight. Peter flirts with Woods and asks about Linda. But Danielle threatens another pregnancy. They open the door on cue at 6 p.m.

Evan expounds on the recurring water imagery. Chloe leaves Evan and chases Neal. 

Danielle announce that Peter Junior will have a baby brother just as Woods motions his security man to edge them out. Peter apologies just as Woods gets a call on his cellphone.

But Cooper/Neal is caught in the secret room by Wood's daughter Chloe. The pocket dial options tells Wood that his daughter is alone with the "tutor". 

Woods comes running, furious at his house rule being broken about someone in his private office. Evan says there was a special map Chloe mentioned in her father's private office. . Neal says it might be a 16th century bird's eye perspective Hogenburg. Woods is paranoid and snaps.

Evan saves the day and Chloe sees a new side of Evan. They make up a story about seeing the copper etched map Woods owns. Woods orders Neal to leave. But now Chloe knows who he is. 

Peter visits Neal later saying Evan did well. Peter smells burgundy and Camembert and says he knows Mozzie is there. Mozzie hides and shouts to Peter he is not there and the evidence is circumstantial. Peter leaves and he comes out. 

"Until that file is wiped I am keeping a safe distance from the agency's favorite Brook's Brother.
Mozzie and Neal agree to write a sonnet in Elizabethan script for Chloe from Evan. 

But their cover is blown when Woods corner Evan. Woods looks into him after the tutoring machine. He said he was going to expel him. He said he couldn't scare him because he had very powerful friends who were looking into him. He knows he copied the record because the copier showed his number. Neal says for him to wait in his schoolroom.

Slater accepts the check from Peter Stone. But Woods interrupts the meet to say it's a trap. Too many questions at the same time as the board meeting it is not a coincidence.

Mozzie says he has just done the equivalent of hosting the boom box. But Neal sounds the SOS that Peter is busted. Mozzie eyes the Chemistry Lab.

"Did the Juarez brothers send you?" In the shop lab they tie up Peter. Woods is furious. Peter say for Woods not to do anything stupid. The bell rings. All the students mill into the halls. 

Adams says "We can't cut up a Fed." But Andy says "Yes we can." But Neal calls Diana and says to come fast. 

Neal tells Chloe that he wants to give her his number and dials her father with her phone, saying she can go into his class room to be alone with Evan (whom he has just threatened). Chloe has received the poem. (Both Peter and Mozzie realize Chloe has a crush on Neal and he is trying to redirect it to someone more appropriate). 

Woods takes the call and turns livid in fear Evan will rat him out and runs out of the interrogation. He screams at Mozzie (dressed as a janitor) to get out of the way. Neal gets to Mozzie, who says he needed a vial after all. Neal is surprised the school has nitrogen and Mozzie says "This really is an excellent school".

Neal busts Peter loose while Woods goes running into the poetry classroom to confront Evan about ...sitting there. Chloe is not sure why her father is so upset. Then Neal hollers form outside, where Woods opens the door. He sees Peter there and Danielle/Diana. He is arrested and Chloe looks at him not quite sure what to make of it. 

Evan walks up to her locker. Chloe says that her dad did what he did. Evan says she can call him to talk. She pulls open her locker to find red roses falling out (Mozzie). From afar Mozzie and Neal look at each other(home run!). Chloe grabs his hand and runs off with Ian with a smile.
He got a tie as a thank you gift from Evan.

Peter told the feds the truth but he didn't tell them everything. Peter says how he handled himself on the case says a world of words. Neal mentions the commutation and Peter says e made enough big decisions for one day. Peter gives back the behind home plate tickets and says they aren't what matter.

Then Neal leaves and Jose comes back with the tickets, saying Neal just gave him great tickets and they look real. he says does Peter want to come and Peter laughs and says "I'll drive".

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