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Supernatural - Time After Time - recap

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Written by : published Monday 23rd January 2012

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Dean is still angry. When Sam wakes up he asks that Dean is not researching more Dick Roman stuff and Dean pretends to be watching anime. The Sheriff calls Sam about their type of body found. The small town has more than its share of weird disappearances. Dean shows off new computer tricks learned from Frank.

Dean and Sam question a man who was smoking marijuana. He says a man in a fedora (A Timberlake hat) They research a strange man in a fedora sucking the life out of people. They find pictures spanning decades where he does not age. 

Dean is transported back to 1944 because he interrupts the time God Kronos sucking people dry of their essence. Dean is arrested because he has a drawn gun and he meets Eliot Ness, who chases vampires and thinks Dean is odd. Dean functions as a sidekick to Ness, pretending to slap around a bookie when they discover Kronos as been using his knowledge of time to win horse racing bets.

Dean says he is a big fan and Ness gets Dean suited up in tailored clothing forthwith. Most of Dean's lore is from the movie "Untouchables" and is fake. But Dean and Ness both want the same thing: the time shifter gone and dead. Dean find that Ness got the best hooch from Capone but caught the hunting bug when vampires took over Cleveland. Ness just likes killing the bad guys.

Ness and Dean follow Kronos down an alley where they are racked and ready to shoot him. They round the alley fully locked and loaded and find him kissing a blond. They are stunned. Evidently Kronos is managing a relationship back in time. 

Sam works with the Sheriff and she gets stuff from Bobby's locker. They try to figure out how to get Dean back and not get him stranded in 1944. She says for Sam to get some sleep.

Eliot Ness finds that the time god Kronos has shacked up with a lady friend and wants her to be ignorant of who he is. Kronos beats up Ness in the field and when he turns to answer Lila's call Ness escapes. 

Dean says he is special agent Costner with homeland termite Security to do an inspection in the old house they were sleeping in. Dean positions himself right where Sam will see the message where he sleeps in 2012. In the future Sam goes to sleep and sees it and finds a letter from Dean. now they know where he will be.

But in the future Lila Taylor says that her boyfriend strangled Dean. She calls Kronos "Ethan". She says " Ethan said awful things the night he disappeared. Two policeman came to arrest Ethan." Sam is crushed.

But back in 1944, Dean comes to the house but can't find Eliot Ness. He breaks into the house with stealth. Kronos attacks him. Ness appears from nowhere and turns the gun on Lila and says "Let's talk". They let Lila know what he really is.

Sam and the Sheriff go back to the house and look for something to change the curse. He writes the time on the letter and mutters in Latin. In the past, Kronos angrily tells Lila what he is. he loves her and only kill now to get back to her. Dean says he needs three "juices' to get back.

"It takes three sacrifices" he insist. It takes three kills to get back to her, and Dean makes her tell him. But Ness guesses he liked killing and he says"I bet you used to kill three people just for a change of scenery." Dean is shocked to realize Ness' instinct are right.

But as they fight Kronos inside turns red in answer to Sam's spell in the future. He zaps into a disappearance while he tries to choke Dean.

Sam crunches the olive branch into Kronos. He starts to die but then he smiles. 
He says "I know your future is covered in thick black ooze. they're everywhere. Enjoy oblivion."

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