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Supernatural - Adventures in Babysitting - recap

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Written by : published Monday 23rd January 2012

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Dean is infuriated at Dick Roman for killing Bobby and the brothers mourn in shocked silence for weeks. They task Frank with decoding the numbers and don't hear from him. Sam 
answers Bobby's phone and it is a kid. She is looking for Bobby because her father is missing. But Dean wants to go to find out what Frank knows about Bobby's dying digits. 

A truck stop waitress kills a man who follows a hooker through a couple of big rigs, and she is some kind of sucking monster. Sam meets with the girl and learns her father is  a "salesman" like Sam and Dean are. Sam insects one of the corpses who is bitten in the neck. He follows his trail. But Sam gets attacked after leaving a message for Dean and disappears.

Dean finds Frank, who makes him prove he is not a leviathan. He has to knife himself and then demands that Frank cut himself as well. He says they and Dick Roman have clamped down surveillance. He doesn't know what the numbers are. His phone is tapped.

Dean is angry Bobby is gone. But then Frank says they are coordinates by supplying missing digits. (Bobby would have known the could tap Frank's knowledge of missing information theory). The longitude and latitude are a patch of land they plant surveillance in. But they can't because cameras are already there. People in trench-coats visit this empty field.

Dean is made to dress up like a phone repairman and go up on the cable.  He is terrified.  Frank says Dean looks terrible. Frank taps into the feed while Dean sleeps for 36 hours. 

When Dean wakes up they figure the Roman enterprises has bought the land through a subsidiary and will build something there. Dean gets Sam's message and goes to where the girl is. Sam has the wrong information. The monster hunts in pairs but Sam doesn't know that. 

Dean shows up in answer to the girl's answering Sam's phone call directions in case he is not heard from. But it is too late. She does not play along this time. She has taken all the clues and burned all the data and forces Dean to take her with him. Dean drives and admits he is angry and wants revenge. The girl says Dean is old and crusty. She says she is ready.

She infers she has known all along what her father really did and saw  He is a hunter but she has pretended not to know. Her mother died a gruesome death in front of her. Dean implies she doesn't have what it takes. Dean gets a wake up call by the daughter's sassy ways. She is surprised Sam went to Stanford, and she is as sour and crabby as Dean is.

He admits the life of a hunter is not for everyone. She says that Sam is the size of a house and the thing got the best of him, she doesn't want another person to disappear. 

Sam wakes up to find the missing man in a room of people kept for biting. This is he missing man. Her father bitten into one too many times. When the siren monster woman comes in to bite again he angers her on purpose to draw her off. He says she looks old and he enjoyed tying up her sisters in Utah. She angrily bites Sam and chews him up. The first hunter survives another day.

Dean finds the venom women but the girl spots them driving off. Dean makes her do a hand bump. She says nobody does but when she does he handcuffs her to the steering wheel and demands her lock pick. Dean sneaks up to the lair.

They bungle into the warehouse but the girl follows and they hold her hostage. She turns a knife into one of them and Dean tosses the knife to Sam, who knifes his biter in turn. They rescue her dad and he goes into the hospital. He says thank you. Dean says goodbye and thy do a hand bump.

Dean bonds with the girl, who will go to college and/or be a student and hunter. But Dean smiles as he drives back, because he has made a difference and she will make a heck of a hunter one day.

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