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Blue Bloods - The Uniform - recap

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Written by : published Monday 23rd January 2012

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Inside a Greek diner, the owner buys his chicken from a supplier and sends him off. After taking a call outside, he sees a cop go inside the diner. Inside the diner Uncle Connie tells his nephew Mike he has to go. The accountant is sitting in the back.

A pair of mean looking men come from behind. He says “What the hell’s going on here?” Outside in the truck, the chicken supplier man hears arguing when he is giving feedback to a customer about an order. Then he hears shots fired. The cop comes out and the chicken supplier calls 911.

Reagan and Jackie arrive to see a cop involved shooting with no cop. They have no cop but a shooting. The 10-13 is an officer involved shooter. the owner of the diner is gone too. They talk to the chicken man and find out it is a cop who fled the scene of a crime.

They discuss the role of auxiliary police in NYPD context. Greek Mike is the auxiliary cop they want. A couple of auxiliary cops are checking out Mike’s uncle’s place. It has been tossed. They find out where the nephew lives. They visit and he says “come in”. 

Jamie is short of money and agrees to work for the sergeant on his painting crew. During the painting job Jamie defends is law school loan and why he owes money. Harvard costs money.

The Chief is told he needs new media and the Mayor’s guy on social networking. Reagan’s PR man Garrett pushes for the meet. The new campaign for better officer and cop candidates suffers from higher paying benefits in the suburbs. The mayor shutting down the ticket fixing incidents in the Bronx precincts showed the poor recruiting results. 

They need to take a lunch. Reagan must speak to him. The Mayor’s guy Kevin talks nonstop media gibberish and Reagan tunes out. He refuses to use 9/11 as a recruiting tool. They worry they are not getting the best and the brightest. 

Reagan and Jackie draw pistols and run down Greek Mike in his abode. He comes willingly. Jackie sees a poster of Commissioner Reagan on the wall of Greek Mike’s bedroom along with 9/11 heroes posters. His bedroom is a shrine to NYPD.  Constantine Markos is nowhere in evidence. 

Reagan and Jackie question the auxiliary cop. Connie’s place still had a VCR so money was not the object. the “serious heat” is a nickel plated 45. This is the same one Greek Mike used to shoot the dead man on the floor Billy and Joey were a pair. Mike shot Billy, he says in self defense. Connie kept the gun behind the counter Mike said they were punching his uncle.

Danny finds out that Mike failed the character part of the departmental exam. Danny is amazed he didn’t get in because he himself did far worse things as a juvenile. Danny said that Connie is his uncle and the only family he has. Mike claims he shot Billy in self defense. 

He says he knows where Connie has a locker and he has a key. Reagan’s family comes to the station. Reagan gets little badges for the kids and sends them off to a cousin’s birthday party, after the older boy Sean tells his father the dirty cop he is sweating in the box. Mike Galatis is the “Greek Mike”.

Reagan is shocked at the boy’s perspective. But Reagan says Mike is just lost and he will help him to find his way. Greek Mike takes them to a storage locker. He lets them unlock the locker. Danny finds a box with nickel plated 45‘s stacked in sawdust. This is the gun Mike used to kill Billy. The gun Billy used on Mike were from the same cache of stolen weapons.

Detective Montero comes u at the locker for stolen firearms. The driver in Virginia was shot. many of the guns are still missing. The other muscle Joey is still missing. 

Mike is not pleased. He says that he knows where the diner owner hangs out with a waitress because he drive his uncle there once. Still handcuffed, Greek Mike orients the them to  a neighborhood where they circle the block. 

Then Jackie hears that Uncle Connie used a credit card blocks away. They find and handcuff Connie. Greek Mike shouts for the car they want him for homicide. Uncle Connie say for him to close his mouth and that he wants a lawyer, and gets in the car blustering.

In the “box’, the uncle has a a lawyer who wants to know if his client is charged with a crime.  Danny shows Mike how his uncle is throwing him under the bus. Connie declaims any knowledge of the box of guns and leaves the cops to blame Mike. 

Jackie walks Connie through the crime scene but he says Mike made his own bed. he doesn’t know who Joey Sava is. Danny urges Mike to be truthful and help them, even though he can’t pass the department’s exam. 

Mike turns his story to show that his uncle had the crate of guns before and he had to get Ralph, the chicken supplier man, to move the heavy box to  take it to storage. That is corroboration that Connie knew about the box and it was in his possession. Connie’s case falls apart at the same time Mike is cleared. The muscle was having Connie run and store the stolen guns.

Mike supplies the details and Danny leads a bulletproof vest laden raid on Joey Sava’s organization. Reagan says it s a no-knock raid for a man with menacing and assault history, a dangerous man. Jackie and the group bust in shoot wildly everywhere. They shoot back with automatic weapons.

Danny chases Sava across a roof and arrests him after busting his chops.

Francis Reagan is told by his father that Jamie is painting houses with Ranzuli on his days off. Later the Commissioner tells Jamie he painted trim during his rookie days. The undercover work at the Sanfinos has Jamie fast tracked. Jamie says if he had it do all over again but he would rob a bank on the way.

At the Reagan family dinner table they joke about rookie jobs. Erin surprises them all by saying she was a cocktail waitress at a popular club. Danny and Jamie raise eyebrows. Later Jamie learns  that the Commissioner knew about it all the time. but Jamie isn’t sure. Francis says he would have stayed in the Marines if he couldn’t be a cop. 

Danny says his alternative to being a cop was selling aluminum siding and getting drunk. Hank says it would have been “Ladies’ better shoes". Jamie says he chose to be a cop because the stories they told about the adventures the comedies the tragedies. Francis agrees to being in the middle of it all. Being part of a brotherhood that spans 300 years.

The Auxiliary cop Mike is cleared by the grand jury and detective Reagan says for him to call and he will use his influence next time he takes the test. he says he has connections. Danny smiles at Mike’s eagerness to be a cop and how he reminds him of himself.

Garrett gets pressure from Kevin about the media campaign. Reagan meets again with the media guy. He says the the personal stories should be the heart and soul of it. He wants the Commissioner on camera and Reagan says not a chance.

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