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Person of Interest - Legacy - recap

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Written by : published Sunday 22nd January 2012

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Carter and Reese meet. She says she wants to know more and she didn’t realize North would shoot him. She is NYPD and she has rules. Reese asks her if she is sure she wants to go down the road. She wants to know how they are getting information.

She wants to know why they picked her. Finch says she can never know about the machine. Reese says that she wouldn’t even believe her if he told her. Andrea Gutierrez, a lawyer, her number is up. Reese says he is tired of her chasing him. He wants her file unsealed.

“You look worried Finch. Is your tailor moving out of the city?” Reese jokes. Finch gets a message that makes him frown. But Gutierrez is in over head in debt and she is zero for six suing the state over bad arrests and prosecution.

A man named Terence King was found with drugs in his apartment. Reese doesn’t like the look of the parole officer. He says the drugs “must” have been his. But Andrea says he was not using.

Miss Andrea Gutierrez argues in court and jokes about the court lawyer’s tie. The judge tells them to grow up and Reese is amused. Reese asks Carter to research her juvenile record. Finch meanwhile has a private appointment. Reese pretends to hire Gutierrez.

Andrea is suing the ex cons who say they were wrongfully abused in prison by the law. These are called nuisance cases. Reese pretends he has a similar case. Carter gets the record and Andrea has a past with B & E and larceny charges. Carter makes Reese promise this won’t lead to her being called to a crime scene. 

She has debt from her law degree and from her business. She has a string of larceny charges. Carter looks for the danger. Lionel calls about Carter calling “someone” and keeping it on the down-low. Finch says playing them against each other could be tricky. Reese says they are assets. 

Terence King’s blood test came back negative and Andrea coordinates with Chris at the Department of Corrections. His boss has a bad eye out for her. Gloria does not like that Chris is working through lunch entertaining visitors. Andrea asks for the test.

Reese tails Andrea. After drinks Gutierrez is almost attacked by a man with a Tazer gun. Reese intervenes. The man viciously attacks Reese then runs off. A vial is left behind. 

The assailant is into anabolic steroids. Reese asks Carter about where in the city they are used. He says Carter’s paranoia is a step in the right direction. Reese says to Andrea that a bailiff referred her. He has cash to pay and plants a bug for Finch in Gutierrez’ computer. 

He fears for Andrea Gutierrez. She is suing for a man named Terence who says he was not using and has a young child in foster care while he is in jail. Reese describes his boss as a weird rich guy called eccentric, and Finch smiles to hear himself described.

Reese researches the attacker and finds his gym. He attacks him there and finds his identity. But the man runs into the street and is killed by a car. Carter calls Reese about a body turning up. 

He finds  a payoff connection to the parole officer. Meanwhile Finch meets with his former co-financier’s son. Will goes through the business papers. Unknown to him, Reese gets Lionel to look out after Finch.(and get him off Carter’s back.)

Reese tails the parole officer where he is a shaking down another client, and strikes him, then uses the P.O.'s cellphone saying he is a danger to himself and others. This causes him to be picked up. Carter questions him and he lawyers up.

Reese also takes picture of Finch with his friend’s son when they meet in the old town house. Will was bailed out by Finch for underground gambling. Will talks about leaving town. 

Reese says he slipped and hurt his back on the job. But when he find roughly $10,000 on the dead man, he tells Carter it was a hit on Gutierrez. They track a bank account the parole officer has with $518,000. But at first they think he is getting kickbacks for keeping cons in the system. 

Finch send a eavesdropping program to Andrea inside a 40% off coupon at Bloomingdales.
Alonzo Garcia the hit man was an ex-con. He has a link to the same parole officer Andrea’s felons have. Reese finds another cash withdrawal, there s another hit planned on Andrea. 

At the law library Andrea is attacked. Reese gets the guy and Andrea notices his back is much better. They trace the foster care system that places the children of the felons. Then Carter questions a couple who is supposed to have all of the kids but live in a one bedroom apartment.

Finch talks to Will about using his medical training. Will has questions about something his father sold to the government for one dollar. He opines it was valueless or invaluable. Reese researches the dead man, the billionaire who Finch built the machine with/for.

Carter gives the foster parents their phone all and Finch goes to the Department of Corrections and sets up a shredder to catch the panicky response to their call. But it is not Gloria but Chris who has been doing the siphoning. Reese runs in and gets Chris from killing Andrea, who is shocked at who is behind the scheme.

The kids have run away or were simply made up. The parole officer’s end was to plant the drugs. They find foster kids have been 

Chris almost kills Andrea, complaining she was too good a lawyer. Reese saves her. Andrea gets Terence is freed and gets a sizable multi-million dollar award. Andrea’s clients all do and she does very well. Andrea questions Reese about his role helping people and they both think people deserve a second chance. 

Meanwhile Lionel continues to follow Finch. Will wonders about his late father’s business invention. And Carter sees how working with Reese can pay off in busts.

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