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30 Rock s06e02 "Idiots Are People Two!"

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Written by : published Sunday 22nd January 2012

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Reminder: Tracy stages a protest and jack infiltrates Liz's mind.


An offensive rant by Tracy (mirroring real life antics) leaks to the internet and offends several groups who picket the studio. Trying to fix the situation, Liz says (also mirroring real life) that Tracy isn't hateful, he's just an idiot. He takes offense to that, and gets back at everyone by staging a protest with lots of other idiots. Jack is alarmed because 90% of TGS's viewing audience are idiots, so they have to do something about it.

Meanwhile, Kenneth and Jenna accidentally break all the fancy fluorescent lights that Jenna needs to look good on camera, and decide to clean it up without letting anyone know about it. Pete, however, takes a sleeping pill and camps out in that closet, leading them to think that they've caused his unconsciousness. Jenna tries to get Kenneth to take the fall for it, and they call on Kelsey Grammar to help them figure it out.

Liz is still happy with her new boyfriend, and they have all sorts of things in common, but jack has planted doubts in her mind, and she starts seeing him poking fun at what Criss is saying, judging the life they have together, and generally messing up her happiness. Then Criss tells her that he's taking her out to dinner because he finally found funding for his organic hot dog stand--and it's from Jack.

And then there's those dreaded words in real-time TV: "To be continued"!


It's always hard to judge a two parter until you can see the second half, because the resolution can change everything, but the story so far is fun. Since it's based on real life events over these past months when the show was off, it comes across as meta-fiction--commentary on the real world that inspires the show, while also being a rewrite of what actually happened to make for a more entertaining story.

There was never really a doubt that Liz's happiness would be short lived; her role in this show is to be overworked and slightly miserable, and she hasn't been able to really change that so far. Still, it's sad that Jack is pointedly sewing dissent in something that's been working for her, even if she didn't mention Criss because she knew Jack wouldn't like him. That strange quasi-obsession they share comes up a little again, when Jack tests her by saying they should become friends with benefits; surely there are other ways to test her if they aren't attracted to each other? Maybe the show isn't paying attention to Tina's idea of how those two will end up...

Of course, this show always did go to the weirdest places.

So we have a week to wait until the next episode tells us how this madcap adventure is cleaned up--or how it'll mess things up for the rest of the season. It's still good to have 30 Rock back, but these two-parters in real-time...it's tough on a fan, you know?

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