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Suburgatory s01e11 "Out in the Burbs"

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Written by : published Saturday 21st January 2012

Suburgatory s01e11 "Out in the Burbs" main image

Reminder: The one with Dan Byrd, from Easy A.


Tessa is given the task of showing around the new kid in school, despite the fact that she's still a new kid herself. Lisa immediately takes a liking to him, but Tessa, born and raised in New York, is sure he's gay. So Lisa starts trying to prove that she's one of the guys in the worst way ever to convince a guy to like you. Tessa, however, is concerned that he won't come out, and she asks Mr Wolfe how he handled it, which leads to an amusing series of mis-communications on the topic and culminates with him very matter-of-factly actually coming out to the whole school.

New Kid Josh, whether he actually is gay or not (it's never quite ruled out, and his behavior seems to indicate that he is), is not really interested in any of the kids--he's a 21 Jump Street-type narc, out to get drug dealers, and Tessa unwittingly sent him in the right direction by pointing him toward someone she thought might like his affections.

George, meanwhile, starts thinking Dallas's smiling attention amounts to attempts at seduction, especially since she kissed him at Christmas. That, however, seems to be a miscommunication, too. She insists that the kiss was because it was Christmas and had nothing to do with wanting to get into his pants (my words, not hers), and he accepts the job of building her new boutique to prove he isn't upset about the whole thing.


From the very beginning, there was a sort of Easy A feel to this show, and this week really just confirms it. It's probably not an accident to hire the guy from Easy A (especially not the way he's revealed at the beginning) to play what looks a lot like the same character here--and it's probably the cleverest thing the writers have done to take his role in a totally different direction. Anyone watching this show (or reading these reviews) has likely seen the connection themselves, and so this is a nice almost-easter-egg, a look at how a similar plot point can easily be something entirely different.

Mr Wolfe coming out was not what I expected at all, and it was sweet and charming that there was very little backlash. It was extremely matter-of-fact and then everyone moved on, and that's refreshing.

George and Dallas's subplot seems to have stalled out, which makes me sad, because it was progressing quite nicely toward something that would have to change things...but it can't really be claimed that it's a surprise, since that's not how this show works. Still, the continuity of the kiss and George's reaction to it is nice to see, and it makes me hopeful that things will start tying together better.

Overall, this was a fun episode that played with the self-awareness that they're in a story that has been done before in a moderately clever and interesting way.

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