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Grey's Anatomy - Hope for the Hopeless - recap

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Written by : published Saturday 21st January 2012

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Shepherd looks at an inoperable surgery with less than 5% chance of success. Lexie smiles brightly and flips a coin to decide whether to operate. He says if the parent is willing he will try to remove the tumor. The mother has not told the 11 year old child Wes he has a tumor or that he could die but that he has a bad backache.

Alex’s plus one confuses all of them by hanging at the house. April says they need to  move and Avery says wryly  “do we??" Alex says the women he brings home want a baby when they see Zola and it is ruining his game.

Callie and Arizona catch Mark backpedaling his relationship. Callie realizes it is because he knows things are rocky between Lexie and Avery.

Meredith decorates Zola’s cake. Altman gets widow foods for losing her husband and does not sleep. They get a new patient with an impalement. The doctor in charge insists it is his patient. 

Owen has to pull Altman off the surgery because she hasn’t slept. But when Owen leaves Cristina and Altman scheme to get the surgery. Cristina does a song and dance on the mans wife about Atman being the best, the head of the department, etc.

Owen pushes for Grey to declare a specialty. She is the only fifth year who has not declared. Meredith runs around with insecurities about what specialty to declare because she is very busy with Zola.

Weber’s liver transplant is his 10,000th surgery. His patients are not friendly sisters. The two crabby sisters argue about her liver. One lords her husband and kids over the other who is jobless and unmarried. They cannot settle down.

Lexie finds out that Wes knows about his tumor. Lexie promises not to tell.

Meredith takes the widow casseroles for the Zola party. Everyone urges her to take general medicine because her mother is a legend in the field.

Owen catches Cristina going to watch neurosurgery. She makes excuses. (She is operating).

Mrs. Weber arrives right in the middle of Dr. Weber’s surgery wailing “Where is my huzzzzz bannndd.” She wanders off and the inept April chases her around and lets her run off at the mouth endlessly. “I can’t do it alone”.  April brings Adele to the surgery gallery where Weber is operating. 

“Please Richard don’t leave me” Adele cries , everyone in the surgery hears this. (Sob sob sob).

Owen pursues talking to Altman while she is trying to prep for the surgery he kicked her out of. Altman coldly avoids anything Owen has to say. Lexie’s burden of confession screws up her mind.

Shepherd is ready to operate. Lexie is asked an opinion by Derek in the surgery. They work to avoid a critical area. 

April brings Adele into the gallery where she screams and April opens the speakers where she screams even more. Adele screams accusations to Meredith “What kind of woman breaks up a marriage ?"

Meredith and Richard exchange a look. Meredith suggests she scrub out but then she suggest that Weber remind her of a happy memory “it worked for my mom”. Weber starts singing. “My Funny Valentine”. 

This is their wedding day memory. They trade “I love yous” and he says to Meredith “Tell Bailey to cancel the party.  Adele blissfully smiles on as he continues to operate.

Lexie refuses to quit working on the tumor when Derek asks her and he tells her to leave the O. R. Lexie starts telling Derek what to do. She says they can’t quit. He says no and that they can’t tell him about the surgery and it s not their call.

Owen is furious when he finds out Cristina and Altman are operating. Owen comes into the surgery and gets angry. Owen says they should have informed him. Cristina dismisses Owen and says this is a fairly complicated procedure perhaps we should get into this later.

The mother of the 11 year old cries a lot. He guesses they did not complete the surgery. 

Altman and Cristina duck facing Owen when the surgery is over and each want to  stay with the lacerated patient. But Cristina says that Zola is her godchild and she can’t miss the party.

But Owen comes into Zola’s party seeing Cristina talking baby talk to Zola and playing mommy he is really not happy with that. Cristina sees that he is there and goes to talk to him.

Callie and Arizona hint to Mark about say he love his girlfriend but he says that he is not there yet and he rushed Lexie. April demands Alex move in with her and Avery so they get a great apartment. Avery wryly watches April’s moves to isolate herself with Alex.

Derek finds Lexie in a closet. Lexie and Derek agree to work on the hard cases and the lost causes and not just the fun stuff.

Derek and Meredith risk Zola’s wrath in future and transform the party into one celebrating Dr. Weber’s 10,000th surgery, (Adele is well in hand). Richard is touched. The whole staff applauds.

Owen says that Atman never found him after the surgery. Owen says he is taking Cristina off Altman’s practice. He is taking her off Altman’s service and she should be thanking him. He says frankly he could have fired them both. 

Cristina said he put Henry on her table. He says she can’t accept a simple punishment. She says that Henry died on her table so Altman gets whatever she wants. It’s not her fault that Altman hates him.

Weber congratulates Meredith on her specialty. But Meredith says everybody keeps mentioning her mother. But Weber says she is a friend and unselfish. She is nothing like her mother. Meredith and Derek listen to Weber talk about past surgery stories.

At the party Bailey asks Weber about a surgery and they all quiet down to listen.

In the side room, Owen argues that their whole life together has been about what Cristina wants. Cristina says that she has nothing to be punished for (Owen is punishing her for the abortion, not the surgery that day).

Cristina can’t believe he is holding their entire marriage down to the one surgery. He says it is not what he envisioned for himself. It is not one surgery, it is the life he envisioned for himself. Cristina says it was a horrible situation and is it too much to ask  they move on?

“You don’t ever forget that!” The entire group of the staff, Weber, Bailey, Lexie, Alex, Mark, Callie, Arizona, everyone hears this. 

As Owen and Cristina argue the entire party overhears their words. Owen screams “You killed our baby” and every single person on the staff overhears what he says.

Cristina stares at him in shock.

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