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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Ms. Willows Regrets - recap

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Written by : published Friday 20th January 2012

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Flashback shows Catherine giving Laura, the wife of the head of the defense contractor advice. She says she talked to that lawyer. She will tell the FBI everything she knows. The  divorce attorney's card was for Malcolm Turner. 

The law offices of Malcolm Turner are attacked by a three man hit squad and the bodies of the skeletons are discovered by DB, Nick, and another man in the woods. Campers found the three skeletons, but Nick says the bugs should not be there and the skeletons should not be tat badly decomposed.

Jane Doe got a kill shot from a copper washed bullet, and five other slugs. Similar beveling sustained by other gunshot wounds. DB Russell says they got professional and stitched across the chest like a kill job. The dental records should do the rest. 

They review the bodies and the victims and they say "Hey isn't that the fixer who worked for your father?" Catherine is agog. Catherine freaks out when she realizes who the bodies are from. Malcolm Turner's office. 

Catherine and Brass sit in on an interview with Gabriel he says he only spoke with his wife on the phone and her divorce attorney on the phone. But he lawyers up when he realizes the office workers including the lawyer are dead.

Nick has a problem. Given the cold and the rain the beetles should not have been there at all. Surveillance confirmed they worked all day and ordered lunch in. But the skeletons are much older.
They see tapes of delivery drivers. One man supervises has a trench coat on. They see he went in the office as well before and after the murders. They move in heavy furniture. The times do not coordinate. But then they move out the bodies.

Nick says he can't eat in there. But they both munch on Kentucky Fried Chicken as the beetles go on the munch path for eats. They picked it clean faster than an hour. They eat faster and the decamp is faster than it should be. Nick discovers a beetle  bioengineered for eating.

They assess 45 minutes for cleanup and removal. Sarah finds trace. They spray for evidence and think the cleanup crew used ethanol to eradicate DNA. It was organized and they had covert had military training. DB says four paths converged in a service area.

Nick picks a beetle out of the crowd and subject the little beasts to super analysis. He shows Catherine. Saracys has covert ops weapons development and everything. Nick presents to Catherine the superbugs.

These are the same caliber as the assault rifles. Brass does not like the FBI got called in without his OK. He understands Pratt and McQuade will not help with the background. They think Mark Gabriel is guilty of more than gun running. DB Russell helps with the "translation". 

Agent McQuade is seen by Catherine's ex chumming up. Laura with drew $28,000. Catherine thinks she was scared and running. Catherine finds her mother at the office. A card was sent to her. It was signed from Laura's father.

Laura mailed the card a day before the murders. Laura's house was Catherine's second home. The card is musical. Sarah finds a SIM card inside it. The images on the SIM card help. Laura's cousin Helen and her husband.

The SIM card hidden in the musical card has photos. One image is not like th rest. Catherine recognizes the house as Laura's cousins house. The CSI vehicles converge there with sirens. They find broken furniture inside and two bodies. 

Catherine remembers that the grandfather didn't trust banks because of the Depression. She opens a underground cellar.  Laura is hiding under the house. Catherine opens the crawls space and sees Laura hiding underneath. Laura says Gabriel organized he "cleanup" of a competitor's office. She heard the man was killed later.

Laura says the attackers beat the people. Her cousins died defending her.  The man with an accent got a call. She heard footsteps and she thought they were the attackers. But as Catherine talks to her the man with the accent and the trench coat takes aim on them.

DB meets with Gabriel's number two and legal counsel. The information is of dates of transactions money going to Switzerland. He identifies a contractor who has done work for Saracys abroad. He thought he only worked abroad. They show him a money trail concerning a man with an accent and a trench coat. The Saracys man says he does not sanction that man working for them in the United States. The number two says he has just been shown a  reason to cooperate. Catherine advises Laura someone else is coming forward. 

Gabriel tries to shoulder his way into Laura's hospital room. Catherine and McQuade barely deflect him. McQuade says "You can never really outrun your past". 

They look at a profile of trench coat man. Paul Obrecht 54, emigrated to US at sixteen. Honorable discharge and the assignments. He has been a professional hit man for various companies.

Willows recognizes the woman on the four man squad looking over the other tape. They find the accident and McQuade and laura dead in charred remains. Willows explodes. DB tells her to go back to the office and take stock.

DB later finds her resignation email on his inbox. He is puzzled.

Later Lou drives her home and offers to come in. After she goes  inside she looks outside on the deck and a hit squad of bullets takes aim. She find her service revolver empty and runs for another. She gains the entrance and runs down the driveway.

DB Russell drives up in a car she almost shoots. Catherine jumps in and lies down in the back seat. DB Russell  drives off as the men still shoot. She looks down as he drives and realizes she is bleeding from abdomen shots.

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