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Suburgatory s01e10 "Driving Miss Dahlia"

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Written by : published Friday 20th January 2012

Suburgatory s01e10 "Driving Miss Dahlia" main image

Reminder: Tessa gets her license.


As soon as Tessa passes the driving test, Dallas hires her to drive Dahlia around, and Dahlia pays her extra to drive past her crush's house over and over until she can also strong-arm Tessa into asking him out for her. Scott Stauss agrees to go out with her, so Tessa drives them to their date, and he tells her that he only said yes so he can get close to her. Tessa feels bad about this and subsequent hanging out without Dahlia, and tries to confess, but Dahlia doesn't believe it.

Meanwhile, Noah's trial of the country club has expired, and since he's gotten accustomed to the life, he decides to go ahead and join. Only, Noah won't sponsor him, and the application process is full of bells and whistles and hoops to jump through, and when the final interview comes, he learns that he's been vetoed anonymously, so they can't grant him membership. This leads to more fighting with Noah, until Noah admits that he was being unfair and jealous (again), and he makes it up by adding George and Tessa as his family members to his own plan.

Turns out it was the waitress who likes George who vetoed him, because she can't date him if he's a member.


It's so nice getting to see a softer, less in-control side of Dahlia. She freaks out and isn't brave enough to talk to the boy she likes, and she even smiles when he goes out with her. It's sweet, even if it immediately returns to the status quo when Tessa tries to confess. And it'll be interesting to see whether Scott comes back again (though our wait on that point might be a while).

The George storyline was less charming. We kind of get it by now that Noah is jealous of George, and this is just more of the dentistry / skylight thing without much of a change in tone or application to make it seem less like a repeat and more like a running gag. We do, though, get the sweet moment at the end when he takes it upon himself to get around the club's rules, and proves that he really does like George behind it all. Maybe the writers will latch onto that and we can have a sort of buddy-comedy bromance thing with those two.

Overall, this episode was much like the rest of the show: sweet, charming in it's own quirky way, but basically afraid to change anything. I mean, where's Tessa's job at the school news paper? Or Malik for that matter? Where's Lisa's brother for all these episodes? They keep introducing more story elements, more characters, and then they just sort of fade into the background without even any background attention to them. They should look at that episode of Community where Abed befriended a pregnant woman and delivered her baby, all in the background of the episode and unrelated to whatever was going on in the foreground. It'd be a great way to keep these ideas rolling even when they don't have anything to do with what is immediately important to Tessa or George at that very moment.

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