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2 Broke Girls s01e14 "And the Upstairs Neighbor"

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Written by : published Friday 20th January 2012

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Reminder: The girls get off on the wrong foot with their new neighbor.


The girls discover that their quiet old upstairs neighbor has been dead for weeks, and within hours, someone new moves in who is not quiet. There's stomping and music and Max is having none of it. She leaves a nasty letter, and the neighbor comes immediately downstairs to confront them about it. Caroline tries to make it up to her by giving her cupcakes and decides that they should know who their neighbors are, but we really only meet the two: Jennifer Coolidge's fabulous Sophie, who is the main plot driver of this episode, and a mild-mannered guy across the hall who wears a collar with someone pulling on the leash off screen.

As they fumble through getting to know Sophie, they add up the clues and assume she's a prostitute. When Sophie offers to help them make money for their business and their dream by giving them jobs, they turn her down, let slip what they think her job is, and insult her again. So they go to make it up to her again, and they wind up in what looks like them making friends. Will they get that cleaning job that they never pursued for themselves after the hoarder episode?


Jennifer Coolidge makes everything better. Seriously. This show is still finding its legs and hasn't trimmed away the annoyingness of things not changing much yet, but if they're going to keep Sophie around, much more can be forgiven. She's adorably clueless sometimes and sharply savvy other times. She's huge, taller and louder than everyone else, and she's flamboyant in a way that's comedy-perfection. And she's a lady with a dream and an endearing softness under it all, and that's what this show does. It shows us these crazy, out there people, and then brings them back to honest emotions and likability. Hopefully she won't go the way of Johnny (who still hasn't come back yet, or his friend) and get written off after only a few episodes.

Oleg was great again. The scene where they tried to show him how offensive the sexual harassment is and he didn't get it was hilarious, and though it could have been a whole episode in itself, we can't have Olege becoming an enlightened modern guy this close to the beginning of the show. Save that for, like, season five, when he realizes he's actually truly in love with Caroline or something.

A lot of this show still feels like worldbuilding and set up, but this is the sort of set-up I can get behind.

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