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Looking Back at "The Age of Love"

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Written by : published Thursday 25th November 2010

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Take a slightly ageing Australian tennis player with the typical “talk and dark” look and then add to it a line of women waiting to get married. That will give you “The Age of Love”, a take on the never ending search for a mate. Mark Philippoussis is the star of the show and he gets to pick the women that take his fancy. Most of the series is taken up by the machinations of the aspiring ladies.  Of course nothing would be really entertaining without old chestnuts such as the battle between the young and the old. Therefore the women are divided into two camps. One of the camps is led by older women while the other has fresh young faces.

A quirky take on “The Age of Love”


The stereotype of the desirable young women is almost always thrown out by the twists in the series. There are times when the star will go for the older women and then he will try out the younger women for a change. Front runners soon become bitter and deposed. Virtual new comers take over the show and elicit dramatic jealousy from their fellow house mates.  In the meantime we are treated to the lavish travels of Mark Philippoussis. It is true that he is no Roger Federer but anyone who has watched the senior’s hall of fame will tell you that Mr. Philippoussis is a formidable opponent down the net. His explosive tennis is hidden by the mature man on the television series.

The host (Mark Consuelos) keeps giving us helpful hints throughout the series but the action really speaks for itself. Most of the drama comes from the bitchiness that occasionally cuts through the saccharine grins of the contestants. The division between the “Kittens” and “Cougars” is somewhat chauvinistic but I am sure that many hot blooded men would very much like to be in Mark Philippoussis’ position. Who would not want to have a pick from beautiful mates waiting to meet every single one of your whims?

The series format involves each of the women accompanying the tennis star on a dinner date. He would then reject one of the ladies. Eventually only one contestant will be waiting. In the final episode the three remaining contestants fly out with the star to Australia. Unfortunately one of them was unable to make it. Like all “reality shows”, nothing is really ever real. The so called winner soon fizzled out and now the star is engaged to someone else. If you need to immerse yourself in unreal “reality” romances then “The Age of Love” is the show for you.

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