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Lost Re-cap get up to speed

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Written by : published Thursday 7th January 2010

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Lost is one of the biggest shows on TV, and is about to start its final season. So if like me you haven't seen it because you were lost trying to start at season 3 then this video is for you.


In 8 mins and 15 seocnds this lost video will bring you up to speed on the last 5 series just in time to start watching series 6.

Released by ABC, it's basically an extended remix of last year's "previously on Lost" recap, in eight minutes and 15 seconds. This time, the network has added material from Season 5 and about 25 more

seconds. It's also different from the excellent Lost Starter Kit featured on the Season 5 DVD set (but does pretty much the same thing).

The sixth and final season of Lost premieres February 2nd 2010 on ABC.


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