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24 season 8 sneak peek

24 poster

Written by : published Thursday 7th January 2010

24 season 8 sneak peek main image

The wait is almost over, and the next installment of 24 is less than two weeks away. The new season start with a 2 hour special Sunday 17th January on FOX from 9pm.

The new season of 24 starts with Jack relaxing thinking that he has finally left his old life behind when some terrorists decided to make an apperance and require Jack to step into the breach once more.


Some fans of 24 felt that the show has become a little repetative after 7 season, yet season 8 looks like it may be getting back to the basics that hooked the fans in the first place. The team at FOX have also secured some big nme stars for the new season Battlestar Galactica's Katee Sackhoff and former teen dream Freddie Prinze, Jr.

Still, it's always awesome to watch Bauer do his thing, however ridiculous it may be, and Season 8 of 24 looks like it will be more of what has made this show a hit. Plus, joining the cast this year are

Fox has released an extended promo for the new season; check it out below. Warning contains spoilers and may not be viewable in all countries (proberley only available in USA).












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