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Smallville cast Mireille Urumuri

Smallville poster

Written by : published Friday 11th December 2009

Revealed by the Comic Book Movie site, the model Mireille Urumuri has managed to get herself cast in Smallville. The role that she has secured has yet to be revealed but speculation is rife.

The news was posted on Twitter by Urumuri last Wednesday. She Tweeted "My agent called me at lunch to announce me that I BOOKED #SMALLVILLE =D Thanks everyone for all your support, you are the BEST!!"

The aspiring actress and writer was applauded because she landed a role in the long-running CW show, for which she thanked her fans.  "Thanks to all of you for your positve responses & RT for my #smallville booking :) Filming is in January2010 I will keep you all posted!"Ururmuri still won't reveal what part she's going to play next year though.  One guess of the publication is Vixen, which would tie in with the formation of the early Justice League.  What's more, the actress really is a model, just like the character's Mari Jiwe McCabe.

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