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Matt Damon set to appear as guest on 30 Rock

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Written by : published Friday 11th December 2009

Matt Damon set to appear as guest on 30 Rock main image

The list of big name guest stars just keeps on growing for 30 Rock. After the likes of Al Gore, Julianne Moore, Betty White and Edie Falco. The NBC hit seems to have some pulling power when it comes to atracting the big stars. and after the announcement that Elizabeth Banks will join the cast as a love interest for Jack.

The rumur is that Matt Damon has been hooked by Tina Fey.

 Damon had already been asked about the possibility of staring in 30 Rock and he said:

"I would do [30 Rock] in a heartbeat if they asked me to come on ... Let’s make this happen. Tina is a brilliant comedy writer. My wife and I download that show in bulk. We love that show, so if [Tina Fey] has a part for me, I’m absolutely game."

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