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Vampire Diaries pilot takes a dive

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Written by : published Friday 11th September 2009

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The CW takes a stab at the vampire genre at just the right time, but we certainly aren't glamoured by the first episode.

As the only 170-year old at Mystic Falls High,
Stefan always has to buy the beer.


Note: This is a review of the pilot episode that was screened at Comic-Con International in July, which was not a final cut.

True Blood has made leaps and bounds in championing both vampire rights and vampire shows. The CW's The Vampire Diaries has undone all that with just one pilot episode.

The idea of tapping into Twilight's rabid audience by making a teen-oriented program featuring bloodsuckers was just too good to pass up for the home of 90210, but the pilot episode of The Vampire Diaries isn't even worthy of being played at your local Hot Topic.

Based on a series of young adult novels of the same name, The Vampire Diaries features hot young high schoolers who get a jolt in the neck when a couple of teenaged male vampires -- cute ones! -- move in, breaking hearts and sucking the juices that flow from them.

You can guess what happens next. One of the vampires is good, one has an evil streak, and they both have an interest in our starlet. In fact, our starlet looks a lot like the good vampire's old flame from the 1860s (just one of many vampire movie cliches). What you won't guess that does happen is a vampire pouring his heart out in a diary and getting all emotional in voice-over. Seriously. Why are all these new vamp guys such pansies?

Done well, The Vampire Diaries could have been The CW's next big hit. But it's such an insult to the intelligence of its viewers, it comes off laughable (apparently scattered chuckles throughout the room agree).

Fans of vampire fiction may find The Vampire Diaries watchable, but for those simply looking for a solid hour of television, look elsewhere.

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