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ABC to create Desperate Housewives spin-off

Desperate Housewives poster

Written by : published Friday 11th September 2009

ABC to create Desperate Housewives spin-off main image

ABC will launch new Desperate Housewives spin-off Sprint. Sprint will be shown a weekly soap opera but will be revolutionary in the way it is shown.


The soap has been produced by Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry, in an attempt increase add revenue. As the show will only be 35 seconds long and will air during the ad break. ABC bosses will hope that the show will see an end to the fast forward generation who like nothing better than to skip the ads when watching their favourite shows.


While none of the Housewives cast will appear in the new mini soap, actors from Sprint will make an appearence in Desperate Housewives though, albeit as extras.



“They’re kind of like the old Taster’s Choice commercials, but we added a lot of wicked dark humor, murder and adultery and betrayal,” explains Cherry of the 35-second spots, which will air once a week during Housewives beginning with the Sept. 27 premiere.

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