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Prison Break spin-off? SPOILERS

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Written by : published Thursday 25th November 2010

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With Prison Break due to complete it's final six episodes in april, after being cancelled by FOX. Speculation is rife about the possibility of a spin-off show. SpoilerTv has released the casting list for parts in episode 23 of Prison Break. Cast include Daddy is around 35-45 years old and is a veteran inmate at Miami-Dade Women's Prison. Tough and powerful, she acts as a “parent” and “husband” to some female prisoners, and offers protection to new inmates. Warden Alice Simms is the warden for Miami-Dade. V ery insecure, she has higher aspirations, but fears embarrassment when a high-profile prisoner escapes under her watch. Cowler is a hard-hearted female prison guard who isn't swayed by the life-threatening condition of a new inmate. (This new inmate could be any female character from Prison Break; they're not telling.) Within the episode, she later gives way to Gretchen's charms. (Could the new inmate be Gretchen? No idea.) Tracy is another female prison guard who appears, at first, to be sympathetic to the new inmate, but is eventually revealed to be a “brutal enemy with a grudge”. Jenny is a younger inmate, who is pretty and tough but tends to be submissive. She is one of Daddy's “kids” and tends to cower when reprimanded. Skittlez is another female inmate in her 30s, who is mentally unstable, overweight and very intimidating. Although she won't have any lines during the Prison Break episode, she will be attracted to the new inmate. This cast list certainley sets up the possibility of a womens version of Micheal Schofield.

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