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BBC iPlayer with direct link on PS3 PlayTV

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Written by : published Tuesday 1st September 2009

BBC iPlayer with direct link on PS3 PlayTV main imageAfter a long wait the BBC iPlayer became watchable through the PS3 internet browser. But this required users loading the browser and navigating to the iPlayer to get your TV anytime fix.

Today in the latest PS3 operating system update version 3.0, along other visual improvements, the iPlayer has arrived.

The PS3 has my perfect add-on PlayTV which allows you to do what Sky can for Freeview in the UK. Thus liberating you from the TV schedule. Just in-case you missed it though Sony has now added a direct link to the iPLayer in the same section of the home menu as the iPlayer. So this mean yet more free content when ever you want.

So now even if I forget to schedule PlayTV to record last nights Match Of The Day or Mock The Week, I can now watch it on the iPlayer on the PS3 with a direct link.

Once more the PS3 proves it's all you need for a world of entertainment, with games, internet, PlayTV, iPlayer, VidZone(Playing Music Videos), BlueRay and all the usual backward compatible DVD and CD playing. Oh and don't forget the photo, video and music playing options from USB, SD and other portable data storage devices.
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