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USA Fall season announced! Monday's

House poster

Written by : published Wednesday 26th August 2009

USA Fall season announced! Monday's main imageHouse is back on Fox airing first on September 21st at 8-9pm.

At the end of last season we saw House checking in to an asylum after hallucinating.

Heroes returns on NBC airing first on September 21st at 8-9pm.

All-powerful Sylar has been tricked into believing he's Nathan Petrelli, but he starts to remember the truth in the beginning of Season Four. Sylar's back.

One Tree Hill returns on CW airing first on September 14th at 8-9pm.

One Tree Hill will see a drastic turn this season when the show loses both Lucas and Peyton.

Greek returns on ABC Family airing first on August 31st at 8-9pm.

It's that time of year again and another group of freshmen need hazing.

The Big Bang Theory returns on CBS airing first on September 21st at 9.30-10pm.

The Geeks are back. But according to show produces one of the gang will hook up with Penny this time!

Dexter returns on SHO airing first on September 27th at 9-10pm.

Playing detective for the Miami PD while moonlighting as a serial killer was easy for Dexter, but being a father is really going to take a toll on him.
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