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Fringe coming to Netflix UK & Ireland in 2013

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Written by : published Saturday 8th December 2012

Netflix UK & Ireland have secured the rights to seasons 1-4 of Fringe. As part of a deal struck with Warner Bros. International Television Distribution, Netflix have picked up the sci-fi show.

Fringe is currently in its fifth and final season and episode 8 “The Human Kind” aired last night on FOX in the US. While in the UK Sky 1 aired episode 7 “Five-Twenty-Ten” last Wednesday at 10PM.

Netflix Chief Content Officer, Ted Sarandos said: “We are thrilled to be the exclusive online subscription home for these incredibly entertaining shows from Warner Bros. Television. We are giving fans the opportunity to relive their favorite moments from these programmes while hopefully attracting a lot of new ones who will be able to enjoy these serialized stories from their very beginning.”

While Jeffrey R. Schlesinger, President of Warner Bros. International Television Distribution, added: “We are pleased to be able to offer fans in the UK on-demand access to past seasons of these incredibly addictive series. Whether fans discover, catch-up or relive favorite episodes, Netflix is a terrific distribution partner and this deal demonstrates that there is now a viable new outlet for our programming after the initial telecast in the UK.”

Fringe Netflix UK

Teleportation. Mind control. Invisibility. Astral projection. Mutation. Reanimation. Phenomena that exist on the Fringe of science unleash their strange powers in this thrilling series, co-created by J.J. Abrams (Lost, Alias), combining the grit of the police procedural with the excitement of the unknown.

The story revolves around three unlikely colleagues; a beautiful young FBI agent, a brilliant scientist who's spent the last 17 years in a mental institution and the scientist's sardonic son, who investigate a series of bizarre deaths and disasters known as 'the pattern'. Someone is using our world as an experimental lab. And all clues lead to Massive Dynamic, a shadowy global corporation that may be more powerful than any nation.

Fringe season 1-4 will be made available on Netflix later in 2013. At a date still to be confirmed.

Will you be watching Fringe on Netflix? Why not check-out the Fringe promo video below.

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