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Glee season 4 coming to Sky 1 HD this January

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Written by : published Saturday 27th October 2012

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Sky have annaounced that Glee season 4 will premiere on Sky 1 HD this January. Glee returns to our screens with new characters, new problems and new directions.

To get you ready for the news season first we need a quick recap, so here’s what you missed on Glee…

Finn proposed to Rachel but then left to join the military and Rachel got in to NYADA but Kurt didn’t. Quinn got in to Yale and Mercedes got her record contract but Brittany failed high school and Santana decided to go to college. New Directions won nationals and are McKinley celebrities so Mr Schuester is happy and Sue is still the Cheerios coach with a bun in the oven and now the Glee club have to decide who will be the new Rachel?

It’s a brand new year at McKinley High as the bell rings for Glee’s fourth season. The new series follows the all singing, all dancing lives of some familiar faces in unfamiliar surroundings. Golden Globe® Award winner and Academy Award® nominee Kate Hudson will join the cast in a six-episode arc. In her first return to television since Sex in the City, Emmy® Award-winning actress and fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker will also guest-star as Editor of Vogue.com.

Mr Schuester gets straight back in to the swing of things, holding Glee club auditions to replace the departed seniors whilst the remaining New Directions plot amongst themselves to become the ‘new Rachel’ and enjoy their new found popularity. Meanwhile, the graduating class leave the comforts of McKinley for the real world where Rachel meets handsome upperclassman Brody Weston (newcomer Dean Geyer) but struggles to please her demanding NYADA teacher (Kate Hudson), while Kurt second-guesses his decision to stay in Lima.

Back at McKinley, squeaky clean sophomore Marley Rose (Melissa Benoist) struggles to fit in with the newly popular Gleeks, especially as her mother is the new lunch lady, and Puck’s bad boy younger half-brother Jake (Jacob Artist) gives an angry audition. Nemesis of all curly-haired Glee club teachers, Sue Sylvester still stalks the hallways, this time with a baby and new sidekick Kitty (Becca Tobin) in tow.

Glee season 4 Sky 1 HD January

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Will you be watching Glee season 4 on Sky 1 HD? Why not check out the preview below to wet your appetite.

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