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Sky1+1 coming this November, without The Simpsons

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Written by : published Saturday 27th October 2012

Sky1+1 coming this November, without The Simpsons main image

Sky have announced that the are to launch a plus 1 service for Sky 1. Sky 1 +1 will launch on Monday 12th November and will be found on Sky channel 172. The launch of Sky 1 +1 comes 2 months after the launch of Sky Atlantic +1 this September.

According to Sky the launch of the +1 service will provide increasing flexibility in viewing TV shows such as Modern Family, Arrow, A League Of Their Own and Got To Dance. This new service will also complement, Sky+, Sky Go and On Demand.
One TV show, which will be missing from the new Sky+1 channel will be The Simpsons. Will Sky have the rights to air new episodes of The Simpsons in the UK, their deal with FOX does not allow for episodes to be aired on the +1 service. During the time The Simpsons should be on air, the channel will display an on-screen message informing customers that normal service continues on Sky 1, and that Sky 1+1 will be back soon.

One cannot help think that the launch of the +1 services by Sky, a company which has always pushed its Sky Plus service, is to negate the fact that viewers fast-forward though adverts when recording TV shows.

What do you think of Sky's new channel? Will you be watching?

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Sky1+1 but no Simpsons

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