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The Mentalist season 5 uk air date announced by Channel 5

The Mentalist poster

Written by : published Wednesday 17th October 2012

The Mentalist season 5 uk air date announced by Channel 5 main image

Channel 5 have confirmed that Patrick Jane and the team will return for season 5 of The Mentalist on Friday 2nd November at 9PM.

For the unfermiliar with The Mentalist, the shows centres around Patrick Jane played by Simon Baker, Jane a former mentalist now acts as a consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation. The CBI team is lead by Agent Lisbon, who spends most of her time keeping Jane in line.Jane uses his skills of observation and understanding people by often solving the case half way through the show while teasing the rest of the team.

At the end of last season (4) we saw Red John tell Jane to kill Lisbon. In an effort to get close to Red John, Jane fakes Lisbon's death. Then when Jane is expecting to meet Red John with the evidence(a mellon with a wig in a box). Red John tells Jane that he knew of his plan and he has a good friend in the FBI. It turns out Red John was never there. It was a dead man with a phone on speaker taped to him. At least they arrest Red John's agent Lorelei. Catch-up with the finale episode of season 4 online episode - 24 "The Crimson Hat".

The Mentalist season 5 uk premiere date of November 2nd will mean that the UK is only 5 episodes behind the US.

In the US The Mentalist returned to CBS on Sunday 30th September with the episode "The Crimson Ticket" . Season 5 continues this Sunday at 10/9c with episode "4 Blood Feud".

The Mentalist UK air date

Will you be watching The Mentalist season 5?

To get you in the mood for season 5, why not check out the trailer below.

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Don't forget the UK release of The Mentalist season 5 will be 9PM on Friday 2nd November.

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