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Parenthood dropped by UK channel 5* (Channel 5)

Parenthood (2009) poster

Written by : published Sunday 23rd September 2012

Parenthood dropped by UK channel 5* (Channel 5) main image

After airing for 2 seasons on 5*(5 Star) Parenthood fans will have to hope another channel picks up the remaining seasons. The NBC drama series which follows the lives of the Braverman family and Parenthood is currently airing its 4th season on NBC in the US. However UK fans may have a long wait to catch-up. After TVWise learned that Channel 5 do not plan to pick up the 3rd season.

This decision doesn’t come as much of a surprise after 5* relegated Parenthood to a “filler” show after dropping it from its prime-time position in March 2012 due to low ratings. The original time slot of 10PM on Thursdays did seem a little late for a show like Parenthood. Fans of the show were able to see season 2 in its entirety when it returned to 5* this summer (June 2012). The decision to air it on 5* during the daytime schedule surly sealed the fate of Parenthood on 5*. A show which has been described as having viewing figures "so small, you would have to describe Parenthood as having a cult following."

Channel 5 have also recently dropped US TV show Californication, which staring David Duchovny aired on 5*.

Will The Lying Game be the next US TV show to be dropped by 5*?

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Parenthood dropped by Channel 5

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