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Beaver Falls cancelled after 2 series by E4

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Written by : published Friday 21st September 2012

Beaver Falls cancelled after 2 series by E4 main image

Beaver Falls is closed for good. After 2 Summers with Beaver Falls E4 viewers have seen the last of A-Rab, Barry and Flynn. As cast member Arsher Ali announced on twitter that the show has been cancelled.

Beaver Falls was a Summer series which lasted for 2 years, airing on E4 throughout August. In total, the series contained 12 episdoes. Why not re-live some of your favourite Beaver Falls moments as all episodes are available to stream free online.

Beaver Falls follows best friends Flynn (Robertson), A-Rab (Ali) and Barry (Dagleish) are three normal ol' British lads who met at Uni. Now freshly graduated, they're determined to have one last carefree summer of fun before facing the cold, hard realities of real life... and they're going to do it in style.

Somehow, they've managed to blag themselves jobs at Beaver Falls, an elite American summer camp for the ridiculously tanned and beautiful teenage offspring of California's rich and powerful.

This is a summer job that requires them to be responsible. To set an example. To be role models to their young charges... yeah, whatevs! There's no way they're going to let the job spec get in the way of their single-minded pursuit of The Ultimate Summer.

Two months of hanging out, chasing girls and getting into mischief beckon for these boys, who are all set for time of their lives. But things have a habit of not quite working out the way they expect: no one mentioned that the kids they'd be looking after would be that annoying.

Beaver Falls Cast Shot

Let me know what you think below in the comments or on twitter @thetvking. Did you watch Beaver Falls, are you sad to see it go? If you are then sign the petition to save Beaver Falls.

Why not re-live the Beaver Falls pilot episode on YouTube right now.

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