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Survivor: Philippines premieres tonight with a special 90-minute episode

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Written by : published Wednesday 19th September 2012

Survivor: Philippines premieres tonight with a special 90-minute episode main image

Tonight begins the 25th season of Survivor, the best and longest-running reality competition show on TV.  Survivor: Philippines has three returning players - Michael Skupin, Russell Swan and Jonathan Penner - all of whom were medically evacuated from their previous seasons.

The three players will initially be separated into three tribes, joining 15 new players in their quest to become the Sole Survivor.  The setting of the Philippines harkens back to some of the more "old school" seasons of Survivor, focusing heavily on water-based challenges, fishing and bad weather.

Tonight's first episode also features a "marooning" like we used to be accustomed to, where the game begins on a boat and they have only so much time to gather supplies and swim to shore.  Penner - notorious not only as a strategist but for lipping off to host Jeff Probst - apparently picks up right where he left off, when Probst tells them they have 10 seconds to get off of the boat.  "Or what?" says Penner.

You wont want to miss Survivor: Philippines, premiering tonight with a special 90-minute episode at 8:00 p.m. EST on CBS (right before the 90-minute season finale of Big Brother 14).

Click here for a detailed look at the cast, the season and the premiere episode of Survivor: Philippines.

Also, all season long I will be right here on TheTVKing.com with a full in-depth analysis of each episode of Survivor, up by Thursday morning.  It's more than a recap, it breaks down the ep and tackles the bigger issues of the game.  Bookmark it!

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So who will win Survivor?  Which of the returning players has the best chance of lasting?  Post your thoughts below!

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