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Cougar Town season 4 TBS air date confirmed

Cougar Town poster

Written by : published Wednesday 12th September 2012

Cougar Town season 4 TBS air date confirmed main image

Cougar Town is on its way back. Today TBS have announced with a funny little song and dance number that Cougar Town season 4 will on Tuesday 8th January. The 4th season will have 15 episodes and will be lead by new executive producer Ric Swartzlander after Bill Lawrence stepped down.

After being dropped by ABC, Cougar Town fans had feared the worst. Until basic cable network TBS came to the rescue. To the relief of wine producers every where. For those new to Cougar Town, don't let your preconceptions about the shows content be based on the title. Suggestions were made that it should be changed but it wasn't and has become something of an inside joke. Cougar Town is a show about Jules Cobb(Courtney Cox) and her group of friends and family  who, whilst drinking a seemingly endless supply of wine. Supply fans with plenty of laughs and fun. So if you are up for a laugh, you should certainly check out Cougar Town.

Cougar Town TBS

So now you know the air date will you be watching?

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Check out the cast promotional video below, with some very special guest stars.

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