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Sons of Anarchy returns for Season 5 with record ratings

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Written by : published Wednesday 12th September 2012

Sons of Anarchy returns for Season 5 with record ratings main image

Last night in the USA, September 11th at 10PM on FX one of the years most highly anticipated season premières began. Sons of Anarchy season 5 was preceded by an hour long frolic with Russell Brand and the cast online. Before the main event with everyone seemingly relaxed and in high spirits, a great insight into the cast camaraderie for the fans. If you missed it you can still catch it below, unfortunately only for those in the US.

The première cemented SOA's position as FX's most watched TV series and to cap it all, the early ratings show that the fans turned out in force and produced a 10% increase in the viewing figures. This upsurge in rating,s now means that 4 lucky US fans will as promised by Sutter be flown to LA to watch an episode with him and the cast.

“...let's say FOUR viewers to come to Los Angeles and watch an episode of SOA with me, the cast and a few of my closest birds.”

However some US based fans who didn't have access to FX may have been expecting to watch the episode today via iTunes or Amazon's VOD service. However those Apple fans will be surprised to find that the episode is not available on iTunes. Why? While there has been no official word. A tweet from the show runner Kurt Sutter to a blog post, which was swiftly removed suggested that the reason Sons of Anarchy season 5 episode 1 isn't available on iTunes is due to difference of opinion between FX and Apple. Specifically relating to the FX branding on the content. 

At the moment brand new episodes of FX and FOX aren't on iTunes. However I have been told that no final decisson has been made between Apple and FX/FOX. So until then fans of shows like Sons of Anarchy will remain frustrated.

Update: The season 5 premiere of Sons of Anarchy is now available on iTunes. As is the new season of Fox's Glee.

Still if you are in the US you can still watch the episode on Amazon's VOD service. Unlike many fans around the world including in the UK who have a bit of a wait.

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Watch live streaming video from sonsofanarchy at livestream.com

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