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'The Jeff Probst Show' is the latest adventure for its host, debuting today

The Jeff Probst Show poster

Written by : published Monday 10th September 2012

'The Jeff Probst Show' is the latest adventure for its host, debuting today main image

Survivor host Jeff Probst is branching out in a major way today, with his new daytime talk show, "The Jeff Probst Show." The show debuts today, September 10th, 2012 on CBS at 2:00 pm EST.

The show will have an adventurous tone to it, mirroring the spirit of its host who insists on living life to its fullest and challenging oneself.

Today's first show is called "Guests Who Say 'Yes' to Life in Incredible Ways!" Other shows during this first week include shows titled, "From Medical Student to Britain's Next Big Star!", "The Couple Building the Biggest Home in America" and "Sexy At Any Age!"

Probst has been quoted as "having a lot to say" as one of the motivators of having a daily talk show. It's not clear if Probst will embrace "Survivor" on the show, or if he plans to distance himself from it. "Survivor: Philippines" premieres on September 19th on CBS.

"The Jeff Probst Show" will feature a segment called "Ambush Adventure," which will involve randomly selecting a guest from the audience and challenging them to do something outside of their comfort zone.

One thing is for sure, these topics of adventure should be right in Jeff Probst's comfort zone. Time will tell if this show will catch on and become his latest success, and how that success may impact his future as Survivor host. As of now, he is on to host the next two season of Survivor through Spring 2013, both of which have already been shot earlier this year.

Will you be tuning in to "The Jeff Probst Show?" Give your comments below!

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