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The Office, US's upcoming 9th season will be its last

The Office (US) poster

Written by : published Wednesday 22nd August 2012

The Office, US's upcoming 9th season will be its last main image

After a rocky start, The Office (or The Office An American Workplace as UK listings Called it), will finally come to an end. The up and coming 9th season is set to be its last as confirmed to TVLine by show-runner Greg Daniels.

As with all shows that get a planned ending, fans will be hoping that The Office can reach the heights of it's mid-term. The Office is still the highest rated scripted show on NBC. Its final season will have the NBC bosses hoping that one of this years new acquisitions, can takes its place and pull in the viewers.

Speaking to reporters, Daniels said "This will be the last season of The Office, and we're planning a big exciting last season.” and gave fans reason to be optimistic when saying "This year feels like the last chance to... make an artistic ending for the show,".

The 9th season will also see The Office answer many of the fans questions according to Daniels including:

  • Who's behind the documentary.
  • The Scranton Strangler will be unmasked. 
  • The final season will be a “big” one for Jim and Pam. “There’s a lot of drama [for them],” he teased. “The story is definitely not over for them.” 
  • “Daryl will learn PowerPoint,”.
  • The Dwight-centric spin-off The Farm, which will be introduced in an episode of The Office.

The Office US cast

One big question left to answer is will Michael Scott return for a cameo? Daniels said that “a lot of familiar faces” will return, but didn't confirm or deny that Carell would be taking part.

The ninth season also sees Jake Lacey (Better With You) join the cast as a series regular.

Fans of Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) shouldn't get disheartened as Schrute farms will feature in a spin-off series titled “The Farm”.

The Office (US), season 9 returns to NBC at 9PM on Thursday 20th September. Will you be watching season 9? What not check-out this preview of season 9 below. Let me know what you think below in the comments or on twitter @thetvking

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