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Sons of Anarchy season 5 preview and poster

Sons of Anarchy poster

Written by : published Friday 13th July 2012

Sons of Anarchy season 5 preview and poster main image

Are you ready for season 5 of Sons of Anarchy on FX? With season 5 due to air in the USA on FX this September. However the exact air date and time is still To Be Confirmed, FX have released this 30 second preview video to wet your appetite.

So that is just a little over 2 months before SOA fans can look forward to the return of Jax, Gemma, Clay and the rest of SAMCRO.

Will you be watching Sons of Anarchy season 5 when it returns to the USA on FX? I will when it returns to the UK on 5USA sometime early 2013. That's right UK Sons of Anarchy fans will have to wait until 2013 to get their fix.

Below is an official season 7 Sons of Anarchy poster from FX. What a poster, sums up SOA for season 5, Jax in Clay out. With Gemma and Tara in the inner circle. It's also nice to see the poster include member of SOA from the other charters, if you look closely you can see: Washington, Arizona, and of course California (Redwood Original).

Let me know what you think below in the comments or on twitter @thetvking. Can you believe that happened to Jax! Or is it all a dream?

Sons of Anarchy season 5 poster

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