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Kelsey Grammer is feeling ready for Hank

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Written by : published Monday 17th August 2009

Kelsey Grammer is feeling ready for Hank main imageKelsey Grammer suffered a heart attack last year, but he's already back to work on a new Fall TV show. Hank will portray Grammer as a bankrupt businessman moving to a more modest lifestyle in his wife's home town. He feels fully recovered and ready to work. "Listen, it was not a great year," Grammer said. "It was a tough year for everybody. Maybe it was my time to just get retooled a little bit. It ended up being probably a great thing in my life. I mean, I'm healthier, stronger, faster. Is this The Six Million Dollar Man? I'm somewhat bionic now. So things are really looking good. Thank you." Luckily, there seem to be no long term affects for Grammer's condition. He suspects he may have just been working too hard.
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