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The Walking Dead season 2 returns to UK on Channel 5

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Written by : published Friday 4th May 2012

The Walking Dead season 2 returns to UK on Channel 5 main image

After repeating the first series of The Walking Dead for the last few weeks on 5*, the wait is almost over for series 2 of The Walking Dead on Channel 5. The series 1 final episode 6 is set to air on Tuesday 8th May at 10PM. Then the following Monday series 2 begins on Channel 5.

The great news for fans is that series 2 has 13 episodes unlike the first series which only had 6. Series 2 episode 1 “What Lies Ahead ” takes us back to Atalanta after escaping from the Centre for Disease Control, the group hopes to find safety at a military base, but the road there is strewn with walkers and Sophia gets scared off the path. Picking up from where season one finished, Rick leads the group out of the Centre for Disease Control just before it blows itself sky high. Speaking on a walkie talkie, he makes a bid to communicate with Morgan, the first survivor he met after breaking out of the hospital (see Series 1, Episode 1 ‘Days Gone Bye’). Before Rick reveals over the air what Dr Jenner, the scientist working in the CDC, whispered in his ear (see season one’s finale, ‘TS- 19’) his attention is drawn back to the convoy. Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) starts a new chapter as the leader of the pack in ‘The Walking Dead’ The group drives off in several vehicles in the direction of the Fort Benning Military Base, which Shane suggests is their next best option of safety after the CDC.

Although most fans will have seen series 2, after-all it did premier on AMC in the US on October 16th 2011 and in the UK on FX on October 21st at 10pm. This is the free to view premier.

The Walking Dead is written by Glen Mazzara and season 2 premiers on Channel 5 Monday 14th May at 10PM starting with 1 and a half hour feature length special.

The Walking Dead

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Watch The Walking Dead series 2 trailer.

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