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Glee renewed for a 4th season by FOX.

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Written by : published Wednesday 11th April 2012

Glee renewed for a 4th season by FOX. main image

US TV network FOX have announced that musical comedy Glee will be returning for a 4th season.

FOX’s entertainment president Kevin Reilly said “Glee has continued its success as a genre-defying, global cultural phenomenon,”

Glee now joins; Raising Hope, New Girl and Bones on the list of show recently renewed by FOX.

Having you been enjoying this season of Glee? JeromeWetzelTV has, you can read his review of the last Glee episode “14 On My Way”.

You can catch the current season of Glee Tuesdays 8PM on Fox if you are in the US. This week's episode - "15 Big Brother” is now available online.

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UK Glee fans can watch the Glee Thursdays 9PM on Sky1. This Thursday Glee returns from a mid-season US break with episode - "15 Big Brother”, just 2 days after the US.

Can't wait for tomorrow night for the UK return. Check-out the trailer below.

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