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New Girl sets the pace

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Written by : published Thursday 29th March 2012

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The fantastic New Girl staring the kooky Zooey Dechanel has been a astute acquisition by Channel 4. The US comedy made by FOX was picked up by Channel 4 and started airing in January 2012. As with most of Channel 4's big new US shows the advertising machine went in to overdrive and weeks before its release on Channel 4 at 8:30PM on Fridays New Girl was every where; TV, buses and billboards.

Channel 4 took the decision to release the pilot episode on 4OD in advance of the broadcast date. Now this was either a inspired decision by a visionary at Channel 4 a desperate attempt to try something new. Well they seem to have hit the jackpot. As New Girl is doing well, it would have been easy for Channel 4 to farm it out to E4 with its other US comedies.

I applaud that decision releasing it online for free hooked the target audience and since then 4OD has been inundated with users watching New Girl. Will this set a precedence for TV channels to release pilots online free prior to the broadcast date as part of their advertising? I for one hope so.

Yet again New Girl tops the charts for 4OD with 3.2 million views on 4OD in February an increase of 0.2 million from January. While having 1 million views more than 2nd place Skins on 2.2 million. Catch-up on New Girl episode 11 now on 4OD before New Girl returns to Channel 4 with episode 12 "LandLord" soon.

Channel 4 4OD report

What will the March results show? What impact will the mid-season break have on New Girl and will it be returning in the same time slot?

So the question is will Channel 4 be adopting this technique for other shows?

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