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Advertising, this time Mad Men didn't quite hit the target

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Written by : published Thursday 29th March 2012

Advertising, this time Mad Men didn't quite hit the target main image

This week finally saw the return of Mad Men to the US and UK with series 5. AMC's award winning drama set in the 1960's and the world of advertising was acquired by Sky's new channel Sky Atlantic for the 5th series after having the last 4 series on the BBC.

Mad Men started series 5 with a double-bill titled “A Little Kiss” and aired on AMC in the US on Sunday 25th March and then on Sky Atlantic in the UK on Tuesday 27th March starting at 9PM. Did you watch the episodes? Why not compare your thoughts with TheTVKing's JeromeWetzelTV.

Any show moving from the BBC to one of Sky's premium channels is going to find it tough to maintain viewing figures due to the relatively small numbers who have access to the Sky Atlantic. As reported earlier this week by the Radio Times audience figures were low even by Sky Atlantic standards with the gripping Game of Thrones peaking at over 800,000 viewers.

“according to overnight results, and was abandoned by half of its viewers between episode one (98,000) and episode two (45,000).”

So did the Sky marketing machine miss the target or does the Mad Men audience not subscribe to Sky Atlantic? After all when series 4 premiered on BBC4 it drew an audience of 355,000. Just imagine the numbers if it had been on BBC1 or BBC2.

However across the pond the advertisers seemed to do a better job where they saw the viewing figures rise from 2.9 million to 3.5 million when comparing the premier of series 4 and series 5.

Did the 18 month hiatus effect the viewing figures?

Have UK people forgotten about Mad Men?

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