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Breaking Bad new ain't easy

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Written by : published Wednesday 28th March 2012

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OK, so I have some good and bad news. Firstly the bad, Breaking Bad series 3 will not be airing in the UK for the foreseeable future.

Breaking Bad is a fantastic show and in my opinion, one of the best shows on TV at the minute. It is a travesty that great shows such as this, Friday Night Lights, Community and Chuck struggle to find a home in the UK.

I came to Breaking Bad late, I watched the first 2 series inside of a week on Netflix after being persuaded to watch the show. What a week that was I was hooked on Breaking Bad and wanted more but was disappointed to find that while AMC had just finished showing series 4. We in the UK still had no idea if Breaking Bad would be coming back to Blighty with series 3.

FX UK had shown the first 2 series but obviously passed up on the opportunity to air series 3. Why didn't 5USA pick it up? They had showed repeats of series 2 and surly would fit nicely in the schedule along with shows like Sons Of Anarchy and Justified.

However the good news is that it will be available to fans in the UK legally on DVD from 14th May 2012. And available to rent from LoveFilm from 11th June 2012 and hopefully soon after on Netflix for those of us with an account.

So if you haven't watched Breaking Bad, you should and why not treat yourself to the first 2 box-sets over easter in preparation for the release of series 3.

Breaking Bad: The Complete 3rd Season DVD will be available from only £16.99 on Amzon.co.uk

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This morning 28th March 2011 NetflixUK twitter account released the following statement.

"Check out a special message from Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston welcoming S3 to Netflix from THIS Sunday, 1 April! "

Let's hope it is not an early April fools!

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