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Parenthood grounded by 5*

Parenthood (2009) poster

Written by : published Tuesday 27th March 2012

Parenthood grounded by 5* main image

UK channel 5*(5 Star) has stopped broadcasting series 2 of US family drama Parenthood after only 5 episodes.

Why? Well the reason given to fans has been that Parenthood has suffered from poor ratings since it's return and they hope to resume transmission later this year.

The message from Channel 5 on GeekTown is:

“Unfortunately, Series 2 was not performing as well as we had hoped so it has been removed from the 5* schedule for the time being and we are sorry for any inconvenience. We hope to resume transmitting the series later this year but no dates have been confirmed at the moment. We recommend keeping an eye on the television listings magazines or the TV Guide on our website for updates”

Parenthood was airing at 10PM on Thursday nights which seemed to me like a strange time slot for a show like this but that is when they air it in the US where strangely the show has also struggled with ratings. In the US Parenthood fans will be holding their breath in the hope of getting a 4th series from NBC. At least they have Jason Katims on board who managed to lead the fantastic Friday Night Lights through the treacherous waters of renewal.

So when will Parenthood return to the UK screens who knows but it's a great show and I think it's had a raw deal from 5* and being stopped after 5 episodes is a slap in the face. Let's hope Parenthood doesn't go the same way as Friday Night Lights that was dropped by ITV4, before being picked up by Sky Atlantic years later, or Breaking Bad and have to resort to a straight to DVD release in the UK.

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