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Clarkson confirms Top Gear won't end.

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Written by : published Tuesday 4th August 2009

Clarkson confirms Top Gear won't end. main imageTop Gear's Jeremy Clarkson has confirmed that Top Gear will NOT be ending after the current series.
There had been speculation that the show was about to end after Clarkson said "This feels like an ending" at the end of Sunday's series finale.
But Clarkson, 49, told The Sun the show will return - unless he "gets struck by a giant meteorite or spontaneously combusts".
He said: "I can assure everyone I'll be back in November doing Top Gear. We're filming the next series and already have several things in the can."
Clarkson added he will keep making the hit BBC car show as long as people watch, saying: "I couldn't think of anything I'd want to do more."
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