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Get prepared for Survivor: South Pacific, premiering on Wednesday 9/14/11

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Written by : published Tuesday 13th September 2011

Get prepared for Survivor: South Pacific, premiering on Wednesday 9/14/11 main image

The 23rd season of Survivor is almost upon us.  Make sure you are ready for Survivor: South Pacific, premiering tomorrow, Wednesday, September 14th, at 8:00 EST with a special 90-minute episode!

As technology continues to expand our ability to interact with the stars of the show and other fans, here's a few things to do to get ready for the new season:

  • Follow Jeff Probst on Twitter - @jeffprobst - Last year, it was Survivor that revolutionized the way we watch TV, when host Jeff Probst began tweeting live during the East and West Coast broadcasts of Survivor.  This "interactive living room" idea was so well-received, it brought Twitter to a mass audience, and even led to CBS creating a "Tweet Week" last Spring, adopting the idea with stars of other hit TV shows.  If you are not following Jeff Probst or are not familiar with Twitter, now is the time to get involved!
  • New!  Live Q & A during commercial breaks, with Jeff Probst on Tout.com - Just getting the hang of Facebook and/or Twitter?  Now we have "Tout," which is like Twitter except it sends out short :15 video clips instead of just text.  Probst promises to do live Q & A with fans during the commercial breaks of Survivor this season.  Just go to Tout.com and sign-up for free, and then make sure to follow Jeff Probst!
  • Follow me for all the latest Survivor and movie news!  There's simply no better place on the web to get up to speed with all things Survivor during each season.  As a member of the press core for Survivor, I have inside access to the show that not many others have.  Each week for Examiner.com, in my "Survivor Examiner" column, I post a weekly Episode Preview, followed by a Full Episode Recap up by midnight EST.  Right here on TheTVKing.com, we'll further analyze the week's episode, breaking down everything that just happened.  The next day, you'll get my Exclusive Interview with the voted off castmate.  Then, every Friday, catch my "Survivor Round-up" article for TVGeekArmy.com, where I collect all of the top Survivor coverage from around the web all in one spot for you to take in the past week, and get set for the upcoming one.  Also, as a writer and member of the Detroit Film Critics Society, you can also get all of my movie reviews each week.  Go to FilmSurvivor.com and subscribe!  Or for a collection of all of my work, go to tomsantilli.com, and follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

That should get you set for the season...see you back here at TheTVKing.com following the premiere episode!

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Tom Santilli is a respected journalist and member of the Detroit Film Critics Society.  He writes several on-line columns, most notably as the Detroit Movie Examiner and the Survivor Examiner for Examiner.com.  He also is a contributor as a Survivor-Insider to TVGeekArmy.com and writes exclusive Survivor in-depth episode analysis for TheTVKing.com. He has been featured on Rob Cesternino's "Rob Has a Podcast" and most recently landed the only exclusive Richard Hatch interview given since his latest legal trouble has surfaced. All of Tom's Survivor coverage as well as movie reviews can be found on his blog the "FilmSurvivor", at FilmSurvivor.com

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