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Faith Hill returns to sing “Sunday Night Football” theme as New York Jets play Dallas Cowboys on 9/11

NBC Sunday Night Football poster

Written by : published Monday 5th September 2011

Faith Hill returns to sing “Sunday Night Football” theme as New York Jets play Dallas Cowboys on 9/11 main image

On September 11, 2011, NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” returns with their first broadcast of the season: New York Jets vs. Dallas Cowboys.  Hill has sung the theme song “Waiting
All Day for Sunday Night.” Interestingly, though the new season marks Hill’s fifth year singing the theme song, she wasn’t the original artist to lend their voice to the tune.  In 2006, Pink sang the theme song which was a reworked and retitled edition of Joan Jett’s hit “I Hate Myself for Loving You.”

Faith Hill eventually replaced Pink and debuted a new, reworked version of the song.  “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night” has become a well recognized tune and Glee’s Jane Lynch did a parody of both Hill and the song during an appearance on “Saturday Night Live.”

Faith Hill released a statement regarding her return to the series as theme songstress, “
“I wait all year for Sunday Night.  Somehow the season wouldn’t feel the same without seeing everyone from NBC/ Sunday Night Football over the summer (when we record and film the open).   It makes it feel like the wait for the season is somehow shorter.”

Fred Gaudelli, Producer of NBC Sunday Night Football said about Hill’s return, “Faith Hill has become a staple of Sunday Night Football.  And in year five she's better than ever.”

Check out the videos below that include Joan Jett’s original song “I Hate Myself for Loving You,” Pinks and Faith Hill’s version as well as Jane Lynch’s SNL spoof.

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