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Did Susan Lucci blame All My Children exec Brian Frons for show’s demise?

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Written by : published Sunday 4th September 2011

Did Susan Lucci blame All My Children exec Brian Frons for show’s demise? main image

All My Children, the soap opera which introduced viewers to the likes of Erica Kane and Pine Valley, U.S.A., taped its final episode and new reports by the New York Post indicate that Susan Lucci (who played villainess Erica Kane) has pointed blame at executive Brian Frons for the show’s demise.

According to the Post, Lucci reveals in her new book, “All My Life: A Memoir” that she states, “I think our being in this position is the result of some very bad decisions by you.”  She also took issues with several of Frons’ executive decisions such as pushing out the show’s creator Agnes Nixon, making big changes with the show’s location and hiring writers that produced storylines which Lucci described as being “subpar.”  Lucci’s bitterness is evident to see as she continues to berate the decision’s made by the exec and says that greed won at the expense of the show’s cast members, as All My Children is slated to be replaced by a food show that is less expensive to produce.  All My Children aired its first episode on January 5, 1970.

A closer look at Susan Lucci’s official website and Facebook page fails to show any indication of her vitriol against ABC, as it appears she unleashes it all in the book.

What do you think about the controversy and the loss of All My Children?  Are you a fan of the show?  Are you sad to see it go?


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